Japanese Phrases and Lessons iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile App

Ever since the launch of our first iPhone app, Japanese Phrases, we have had requests for other platforms.  I’m happy to say, we are simultaneously working on an Android and Windows Mobile version.  Blackberry will come soon after these are completed.  It will still be about four weeks before the projects are complete, but it is exciting!

Here are a few reviews from the past few days in the iPhone App Sotre:

No person studying Japanese should be without this app. Very impressed with the huge amount of new content. The lessons are a very welcome addition.  10 stars for the grammar section- I haven’t seen anything like this before in any other Japanese education app – very, very useful !!

I’ve been learning Japanese for two years and have found the application very useful and one of the best on the AppStore. I love the lessons!

And from the free version (which has about 500 sound files compared to the 2,200 found in the full version):

I used this app to learn phrases while holidaying in Japan. Now that I’m actually studying Japanese, this app now provides a means of doing my revision wherever I am. The recent update was stellar in turning the app from a humble phrasebook to respectable study tool.

While this can’t take the place of a instructor led class it gives those with no Japanese language experience some useful phrases to get started with and those of us who have had some classroom experience a refresher. Kudos to the team that put this together you have made what I believe is the finest educational app to date.

We’ve received a lot of requests for enhancements and please keep them coming!  The next update (already submitted to Apple for review) will add Mass favoriting (and unfavoriting) and an option to hide the romaji.