Learn Japanese App for Windows 8

We are pleased to announce our Windows 8 app, Learn Japanese, has reached over a 1000 downloads!


Here is the latest review: (five stars!)

By Mike:

Great product!

I am *very* pleased with this product. Grammar/kana lessons are reasonably good compared to popular textbooks. The advantage of this app is that it gives you immediate access to natural *native* speech (you can simply click on any Japanese sentence to hear it pronounced by a Japanese), an option that is often missing in textbooks *(if they come with CDS, finding relevant sentences is often impractical). I highly recommend this app, in addition to the JLPT apps by the same publisher.

Worth every $

Thank you Mike–I’m glad it is helpful.

If you have Windows 8 on your PC, download it today–there is a free version that is fully functional, but has (unobtrusive) ads and limited content. Click here.


Windows 8 Apps: Learn Japanese, Kana, and JLPT N5-4 Vocabulary

If you have a PC with Windows 8 installed, check out our brand new apps for the new operating system.

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Introducing FOUR amazing Windows 8 apps to help you learn Japanese. For a limited time, three of them are only $2.99 (the iPhone equivalents are $9.99, 4.99, and 4.99). The fourth app, Hiragana and Katakana is absolutely free (ad supported)

Learn Japanese PhrasesLimited time only sale: $2.99 – Includes over 2,500 sound files of the most useful Japanese words and phrases a beginner may need. It also includes hundreds of lessons covering grammar and kanji. An amazing, pack-filled app all for only $2.99 (limited time only!)

Hiragana and KatakanaFREE – Covers all you need to know to learn both Hiragana and Katakana, the basics of Japanese writing and reading. Includes hundreds of sound files and mnemonic memory hints. It’s FREE and the ads really aren’t that intrusive–give it a try and PLEASE rate it after using it.

Japanese Language Proficiency Test N5 Vocabulary$2.99 – Learn all the vocabulary words needed to pass level N5 of the JLPT. But even if you are not interested in taking the test, these words and example sentences will be very helpful for the beginner of Japanese. 1,400+ sound files included.

Japanese Language Proficiency Test N4 Vocabulary$2.99 – The N4 level is for upper beginners and adds another 600 important words for the beginner to know. This app includes over 1,200 audio files (each word plus an example sentences to show usage in context).


As you know, reviews are extremely important. So far, we’ve received really nice feedback. Here are a few of the reviews for the apps:

Learn Japanese Phrases:

I picked up this app to brush up on my Japanese and it is very well put together. I’m impressed at the resources made available through this app.

Love this on Windows 8, purchased it for preparation of Japan trip. Very pleased with the content and interface.

A very nice beginner course in Japanese. Easy to follow lessons. I highly recommend this app!

PLUS 17 More and Counting! (please make our day and add a new review)

Hiragana and Katakana

This app is great – it’s got lessons and flashcards! I’m still working on my letters – especially Katakana

JLPT N5 Vocabulary (only one review so far and none for JLPT N4 yet–can you help us out?)

I’m new to learning Japanese, but this app is great for boosting my vocabulary!

Windows 8 Soon to be Released Learn Japanese App

~ Over 2,500 Japanese words and phrases all with sound ~ Quiz challenges ~ Free updates ~

A great learning tool for beginner and intermediate students. Everything from hiragana to keigo.

Great for quickly learning correct pronunciation. Includes the most used words and phrases from everyday conversational Japanese.


  • 2,500+ crystal clear audio recordings
  • Recorded by a professional native voice actress with the standard dialect
  • Organized into logical and useful categories
  • Interactive multiple choice quizzes for every category
  • Flashcard function for all words and phrases
  • Cultural notes and learning tips
  • Choose spaced repetition or random sorting to help learn faster
  • Study Bank – favorite any phrase to study or email to you later
  • Settings – turn on or off romaji and other preferences
  • Windows-integrated search – quickly find any word or phrase in the app
  • Search English OR Japanese words using romaji, hiragana, katakana, OR kanji
  • Works offline – even without a network connection
  • Free trial with access to hundreds of phrases
  • Optimized for both widescreen and snapped view
  • Automatic progression of the study cards – great to keep running in snapped view

Get started by selecting ‘Help’ from the top app bar.

PLEASE DOWNLOAD USING A Wi-Fi CONNECTION! This app is fairly large and can take a few minutes to install.

Screen Shots:

Topics: All the words and phrases are divided neatly into topics and categories.  You can choose multiple categories to study at once.

Study Cards: This is the main feature of Learn Japanese.  You can use this as a study cards for learning or flash cards as review.

Quiz 1: This is a sample of the quiz screen.  You can see or hear a word and have to select the proper translation.


Quiz 2: This shows a quiz question where you see the English word/phrase and you have to choose the correct Japanese translation.


“Absolutely Perfect!” – Learn Japanese with Phrases iPhone and iPad app

I hope to have two big announcements within the next month. We are working hard on having Japanese Phrases ported to Windows 8 and Android very soon. I’m especially excited about Windows 8 since it will also work on regular PCs. If you are interested in either of these OS options, please contact me. If we can do beta testing, I’ll send you a free copy for your advice.

I haven’t been posting reviews lately. But for the past few months, they have all be five stars!  Of course, that gives me great pleasure, but I also always love hearing suggestions for improvements.

Absolutely Perfect! – This app is spectacular! It helps me out so much when I do my Japanese homework. It’s so easy to understand as well, you would be crazy not to download this app. ^____^

Please click here to read more reviews in iTunes. If you are a beginner or upper beginner of Japanese, this app will help you increase your vocabulary.

I was also humbled to receive a phone call the other day from a guy using our Kana app (it is free and ad supported–by the way) just thanking me for the app. That was it. No, “great app, but…” He just wanted to call to thank me. Wow.

If you have an iPhone or an iPad and you are new to Japanese, try our free Kana app. I don’t think the ads are that annoying and the content is top notch.