New Weekly Pictures of the Kids

I found a video (apparently, this is very common) of a proud father who had photographed his children once a week. The video of the child growing years in seconds was amazing. I decided, I should resurrect this blog and do something like that.

Here are Megumi and Makoto from a week ago (5-12-12). I can easily get Makoto to stand still or to get him to open his eyes, but doing both at the same time…

And here are their mugs from today. Megumi had some chocolately something. Makoto was busy working with Legos.

Makoto versus the Korokke

Mommy was firmly on the side of the korokke.

A korokke is,  according to my dictionary,  a  croquette.   If that was as helpful to you as it was to me, let me just say it is a “deep fried something.” That something can be potatoes or sweet potatoes or other potato-like things.

Makoto wanted his favorite snack, Jagariko (discussed here).  Mommy brokered a deal where the jagariko would be released to Makoto’s custody if Makoto ate a korokke.

Here is, according to Makoto, Makoto fulfilling his end of the deal:

And here is Mommy trying to force the deal as she understood it while Makoto makes a grab for the Jagariko.

In the end, the korokke survived but the Jagariko did not.

Megumi Jo Boutwell 無事に産まれました

Megumi Jo Boutwell

Megumi was born July 15th, 2008. Makoto is officially a big brother now.

The morning started at 6AM with Makoto asking, “Mama doko?” “At the hospital,” I replied sleepily. Makoto said, “Hosptl iku.” “After we eat and have a shower” was the final word repeated many times to the final command also repeated many times—”Hosptl iku”.

Yumi checked into the hospital yesterday morning to get ready for today’s main event. Makoto was none too happy about leaving her at the hosptl. “Mama doko?” was Makoto’s #1 phrase of the day easily beating out the previous champion: “bus!”

But eventually, he fell asleep learning a new word—hosptl.

This morning Makoto wasn’t nearly as genki as normal. We walked to the garbage collection spot (about a quarter of a mile from the house), but he insisted I carry him the whole way. Normally he loves to walk. We thought he just missed mommy.

But… arriving at the hospital, we stopped at the gift shop to buy today’s newspaper (since it is Megumi’s birth-day). In the gift shop, Makoto threw up his breakfast dirtying his shirt and pants and my shirt and pants (I was carrying him). This wasn’t good. The hospital staff were very helpful and we left for the house to get a change of clothes for both of us. It was a stinky twenty minute drive.

Going back to the hosptl, Makoto seemed to feel better. He walked a little this time and was excited to see mommy. But he soon slumped over onto Mommy’s hospital bed and fell fast asleep. So fast in fact, he wasn’t about to be bothered when they came to take Yumi in for the c-section.

Makoto Riding with Mommy for Surgery

The nurses were kind enough to let Makoto ride with Mommy on the way to the operating room. He stayed asleep through the hallways, in the elevator, out of the elevator, down several other halls, and while I picked him up so Mommy could go in for the surgery. I placed him on a couch in the waiting room and he slept probably close to an hour.

About forty minutes in, Megumi and a few nurses came out. She was healthy and everything looked fine. When Makoto came out two and a half years ago, the nurses rushed him upstairs. He had to stay in an incubator for almost a week because some fluid got into his lungs. We are very thankful to God this wasn’t the case with Megumi.

Makoto has slept all afternoon. We’ll see how he does in the morning.

Correction: I wrote Megumi Jo Boutwell 無事に産みました last night (it was late).  This would mean Megumi safely had a baby.  Of course she is the safely had baby, so it has been corrected to 無事に産まれました.  haha

Makoto's First Hanabi for July 4th… July 5th

Last night (July 5th), Makoto experienced his first 花火 hanabi, fireworks.

Yes, we were off a day, but if John Adams could have gotten it wrong surely we can cut Makoto some slack?!

John Adams to his wife:

The second day of July, 1776, will be the most memorable epoch in the history of America. I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated by succeeding generations as the great anniversary festival. It ought to be commemorated as the day of deliverance, by solemn acts of devotion to God Almighty. It ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires, and illuminations, from one end of this continent to the other, from this time forward forever more.

今日の言葉  Today’s Word

花火 hana bi (lit. flower+fire) fireworks

This should not be confused with 鼻血 hanaji which of course is a ‘nosebleed.’ But while we are talking about nosebleeds, it should be noted the ‘ji’ in ‘hanaji’ is ぢ not the more common じ.

Many beginners wonder if ぢ and じ are interchangeable.  They are not; you have to learn each word. So, thanks to John Adams, George Washington, Makoto, and other American heroes, you now know 鼻血 is はなぢ not はなじ.

On Makoto and other Child Prodigies

We all know Makoto to be a child prodigy. There is a Japanese saying to help back up the obvious.

At ten, a child prodigy; at fifteen, quick witted; at twenty, just a plain ole everyday person.

Let’s break it down:
too ten (the more common pronunciation is じゅう, but とお is used in this saying)
十で too de at ten
神童 shindou child prodigy (i.e. (and e.g.) Makoto)

十五で juugo de at fifteen
才子 saishi a talented and clever man

二十歳 hatachi twenty (age 20 has a special reading–はたち)
二十歳過ぎて hatachi sugite beyond twenty

tada just
只の人 tada no hito common, ordinary person

Of course, this saying is only good for our purposes until Makoto turns 14. Then, we will have to think of something else. Will update in 2020.

Where's my Phone? — Makoto, Give it Back!

Too late. Makoto managed to text message and call my sister. He also found out how to get to the camera function. Here are his unedited masterpieces:
Makoto’s First Photo

And here is the only picture that actually had an object in it—his foot:

Makoto’s Foot Photo

I’m not sure if he is ready for the mainstream yet, but even in these early pictures he shows greater talent than many avant garde artists. Stay tuned.