Japanese Phrases FREE iPhone App Reviews and Update

First the good news:

Overnight, we got three new reviews for the Japanese Phrases FREE iPhone / iPad app. They were all solid Five-Star Reviews. Nice!

[A User in Canada ] Excellent – Love it, i learn much faster then with my books!

[A User in England ] woowow – amazing my first day of japanese i have learnt so much!!!

[A User in the US ] Very easy! – This is a great app. I’ve been trying to learn Japanese recently, but everything I was trying was just all over the place. They were tossing things at you and you don’t know what going on. This app however, makes it really simple and easy to understand. And teaches you in a fun way that makes it stay in your head. I’ve only started using this since last week and I can already read quite a bit of words in hiragana and katakana (kanji is annoying, lol). If u wanna learn japanese easily, this app works

If you haven’t downloaded the app and you have an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, PLEASE do so. It is free and helps our rankings. Click here for the iTunes link.

And for our Paid version, we also got this short and sweet review:

[A User in the US ] Just getting started – This is great! Thank you! Arigato!

However, the Free version does have a memory handling problem that can cause it to crash on some devices. I’m working on uploading a quick fix today. It doesn’t seem to affect most users, but I did get an email this morning about it.

Please contact me directly clay AT the Japan Shop dot com if you have ANY problems with any of our apps. I want to squash any bug we find.


Japanese Phrases iPhone App

This morning I found a blog review about our iPhone app.  He pitted our free app against a phrase app for $15.  Check it out.

iphone Japanese phrases appUpdate on our Ranking:
For a few precious moments, the freebie app was #2 in the Free Education section of iTunes.  For the past two or three weeks it has been steadily hoovering around #9-12.   The paid app has been hoovering around #49-52 in the paid Education ranking.

Thanks again for all of you who downloaded the apps and especially those who gave feedback.  We will release an update (hopefully this week?) that will add 50+ new phrases to both the Free and Paid app AND it will give the user a chance to choose to start the Flashcards on the English or Japanese side (user request).

I wanted to get this app’s engine cleaned up since it will be used as a base for a few future apps.  The next two apps will be similar to this one but for specific topics.  After that we have other plans… (more on that later)

Have an iPhone but haven’t downloaded it yet?!  Click here!