(re)New Product: Japanese Reader Collection Volume 4: The Mouse Bride Download

Japanese Reader Collection Volume 4: The Mouse Bride

Built for Beginners of Japanese

We just finished revamping this reader. I listened to the MP3s for this last week and cringed… There was hiss; there were odd popping noises–it was just horrible. No wonder it was the second least popular download in our catalog!

This download, designed for beginners and upper beginners of Japanese, now has two new recordings: one at slow speed for beginners to easily follow along and one at normal speed. The PDF has been thoroughly edited and I’ve added Kindle and Nook (epub) formats to expand your options for how to use the product.

Works with PCs, Macs, Kindles, Nooks, and any device that can read PDFs, ePub, or MP3s.

  • An E-Book in Flash for interactive reading and listening
  • A 33 Page PDF (for printing) with every vocabulary defined after each line, the story in hiragana only (with spaces), the story in “real” Japanese, and the story translated into English
  • A slow MP3 recording of the story (newly rerecorded)
  • A normal speed MP3 recording (newly rerecorded)
  • Kindle and Nook ebook formats included
  • Works with PCs or Macs (the only difference is PC users use the .exe file for the Flash E-Book and Mac users use the flash embedded HTML file)
  • And as a special Flash bonus, “40 Common Japanese Family Names”–click on any name to hear it read.

* NOTE: If you bought this product before, please email me for a free update. (If you can find your order email, that would be great, but I should be able to look it up if you don’t have it handy)

Oh, and I’ve reduced the price too! It was $5.99. Now it is $3.99!

Please click here to learn more and view sample pages.

$5 Download for Beginners Now .99

For a limited time (meaning, Clay hasn’t decided yet!), we are discounting our popular Beginners Vocabulary Download to less than a buck! (well, ok, one penny less than a buck)

This instant gratification download has over 500 sound files and it is actually the base for our first iPhone app called Japanese Phrases and Lessons.  If you have an iPhone, you will want to get that instead of this download since we have added more than 2,200 audio files and hundreds of pages of lessons to it.  But then again, even if you have the iPhone app, you may want to pick this up to have on your computer  for a mere .99!

 This download includes a Flash program for point, click, and hear interactivity, PDFs to print out the vocabulary, and over 500 sound files in MP3 format.  It works on PCs and Macs and right after the purchase, you will be able to download the files instantly.

Japanese Phrases & Lessons 2.0 iPhone app Video

Last night, I finished a demo video on the 2.0 upgrade.  For some reason I went to bed forgetting to upload it to Youtube.  Having cleared my head, it is up this morning.

I tried something new this time.  I used my wife’s iPhone to record the video while I played the app on my iPhone.  I was surprised that the video was pretty good quality (of course Youtube reduces it some).  It worked and it was much easier than setting up a tripod and extracting the video from my video camera.

Please let me know what you think of the video or the app!

Japanese Phrases iPhone App 2.0 Released

This is a major moment for us–a kind of Let’s Pat Ourselves On Our Backs During Our Group Hug Session:

Our original iPhone / iPod Touch application, Japanese Phrases for Beginners, has been given a major upgrade.  It is now Japanese Phrases AND Lessons.  We spent months and thousands of dollars making this the best app it can be (until we discover the next best thing!).  If you have the app, PLEASE email or call me if you have any comments, suggestions, or spot any errors.  (2.0.1 is being uploaded today with a few of those bug fixes!)

We launched 1.0 in February, 2009 with about 800 phrases.  Through versions 1.1 to 1.4 we inched up the phrases to about 1,100.  This single upgrade doubles the phrases to over 2,200 all with audio recorded by a native speaker.

The biggest addition is the 250 or so lesson pages.  2.0 ships with Hiragana Lessons, Katakana Lessons, 100 mini-grammar lessons, and several other more in-depth grammar lessons.  Every page has several example sentences all with audio at the tap of a finger.  We will be adding new lessons in the next few weeks.


Japanese Phrases App

Japanese Phrases App

We added a random feature for those who like to gamble.

For the detail oriented, we added a search feature.

The Study Bank allows the user to save or “favorite” phrases to study later or to email the entire list to print out.  You can also email any phrase from that phrase’s study page.

Lesson Pages — over 250 pages of lessons now; more on the way

Enhanced graphics — Lots of new eye-candy

Double the sound files — now over 2,200!  We also remastered most of the older audio files.

Click here to open iTunes and learn more!

TheJapanShop.com's $5 Download Collection on CD Vol. 1: READERS & LESSONS

This is our first physical ‘product’ since we stopped making/selling T-shirts years ago!

Japanese Lessons on CD

We are excited to announce this collection of twelve popular Japanese Lessons & Readers on CD.   Sold separately, these 12 downloads would cost $60. This CD which also includes almost 100 megs of bonus material, is half that. In addition, the shipping is on us!

World-wide shipping is FREE

What’s included:

READERS – Short story e-books for beginners to intermediates
– Ikkyuu-san – A wise priest and a tiger BEGINNER+
– Inch-high Samurai – A tiny warrior with a brave heart BEGINNER+
– Mouse Bride – Parents hunt for a husband for their daughter BEGINNER+
– The Cut-Tongue Sparrow – A kind man, mean wife, and a bird BEGINNER+
– The Restaurant with Many Orders – Miyazawa Kenji INTERMEDIATES+
– The Tortoise and the Hare – The famous story in Japanese BEGINNER+

VOCABULARY – Lessons focusing on vocabulary building
– Beginners Vocabulary – 500+ words and phrases BEGINNER+
– JLPT 4 Vocabulary A – Half of the vocabulary needed for level 4 BEGINNER+
– JLPT 4 Vocabulary B – The other half for level 4 BEGINNER+

– Hiragana & Katakana lessons – Learn hiragana quickly BEGINNER+
– Using the phone with Japanese – UPPER BEGINNER+
– Japanese proverbs – 25 useful kotowaza UPPER BEGINNER+

BONUS – Contains various lessons, readers, and flash files

Works on PCs or Macs –
<click here to Learn More…

PLEASE NOTE: If you have purchased 4 or more of the $5 downloads and would like the CD, please
contact us for a discount.

A Very Nice Comment from a Very Nice Customer

From time to time we get really nice emails from customers. Here is one about our $5 instant downloads for Beginners:

Thanks Clay and Yumi. These $5 downloads are by far, the best help a beginner can get! And for the price I got way more than expected. This is something I was looking for a long time ago: some easy level reading were I can practice my kanas (and some easy kanji), and at the same time entertain myself and not feel as I am all the time studying. And now finally found it!! and with audio!!! Thanks you for devoting your time and efforts to help people with Japanese language learning (specially in the Japanese page!). You guys rock!! And congratulations for the arrival of little cute Megumi!! Arigatou gozaimasu!


I am more than satisfied with the purchase and I wish every beginner could see the great product this download is! Finally something that is not boring to read (I am kind of bored of the same silly beginners conversations in text books “hi, what time is it? oh, it is very late! My name is Michelle, nice meeting you”).

Thanks!  After things slow down (things=Megumi) a bit, we’ll start work on the next beginner reader. We are always on the lookout for good beginner level stories. If you know of any, please let us know. Of course Japanese fairy tales are always great, but they can seem a bit childish–some however are far from childish.

If you haven’t checked out our $5 instant downloads, we have a little (right now, very little) for almost everyone.  This blog has most of them through PayPal here.  Or check out all of them at our store here.