New Video Lesson: Japanese Idiom 赤子の手をひねるよう taking candy from a baby

This is just one of the hundreds of idioms covered in our Japanese Idioms iPhone app or one of the hundred-and-one idioms in our Instant Download Pack (for PCs & Macs with PDFs and MP3s)

Click here to see all the vocabulary as well as the grammar described at There’s audio there too!


New Freebie and New $5 Download

First the freebie.

Years ago we produced a Hiragana learning pack.  It included a hiragana flashcards PDF that could be printed. I had a request for Katakana flashcards using the same format.

Here it is.

And for the Not Freebie…

(Drum roll please)

We just uploaded a new $5 download. It is a reader for upper beginners called Ikkyuu-san and the Tiger.

Ikyuu-san is a famous legend of a priest who is very wise. A shogun wants to test Ikyuu-san by asking him to catch a tiger in a picture. How does Ikyuu-san tell the shogun that is impossible without insulting him? Beginners can get a lot out of this product, but hiragana and very basic Japanese is required.

It includes:

  • An E-Book in Flash for interactive reading and listening
  • A 9 Page PDF (for printing)
  • A slow MP3 recording of the story
  • A normal speed MP3 recording
  • And as a special Flash bonus on common household vocabulary–click on any word to hear it

And here is a screenshot of the Flash program:


Please check out the product page for more screen shots and information.

The Second $5 Download for JLPT 4 Vocabulary – DONE!

These two $5 downloads have been more work than all the other readers combined. Whew. But I hope they will be useful.

If you are studying for level 4 (the easiest) of the JLPT, check out the $5 download page for the two $5 packs.

HOWEVER, for a limited time (I haven’t decided how long), we will be offering the second new download 50% off (only $2.50) at TJP. So at least for the next few weeks, please purchase the download there. TJS accepts PayPal, major credit cards, checks, money orders, and Western Union.

(Unless, of course, you would like to tip Clay the extra $2.50–in that unlikely case, please purchase them here.)

New Download: Sake Vocabulary PDF

I just got Philip Harper’s The Book of Sake in to consider it for our inventory. I’ll post a link once we get the real shipment in.

I read the whole book in a few hours (ahem, there are a lot of pictures). I now feel like my wife with computers—I now know enough about the world of sake to be dangerous.

Still, I am a near-complete beginner. To help me, I went through the book (especially the glossary) and pulled out key words I think are essential regarding the お酒の世界 (osake no sekai–the world of sake).

I just added it to the Download section as a PDF. Please let me know if you find any errors or have any new words to add to it.

Most interesting to me was a word for snacks that go with drinking: sakana. 酒の肴 (sake no sakana) It has nothing to do with fish. 🙂