Last Week’s Makoto (age 6) and Megumi (age 3–almost 4) pictures

Here’s the line up:

I actually got Makoto to smile a little!

They grow so fast. Everyday is a blessing from God and taking these photos is a way to remember that.


New Weekly Pictures of the Kids

I found a video (apparently, this is very common) of a proud father who had photographed his children once a week. The video of the child growing years in seconds was amazing. I decided, I should resurrect this blog and do something like that.

Here are Megumi and Makoto from a week ago (5-12-12). I can easily get Makoto to stand still or to get him to open his eyes, but doing both at the same time…

And here are their mugs from today. Megumi had some chocolately something. Makoto was busy working with Legos.