Japanese Dialogues Apps FREE for iPhone and iPad TODAY

TODAY ONLY (well, through November 27) our two Japanese Dialogues apps are absolutely FREE! If you like them, PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW!

Paul Stevenson from the Australian software development company Dependency and I produced these two great apps a few months ago. We have plans to upgrade them for iPhone 5 screen sizes, quizzes for vocabulary, and other goodies, but sales have been dismal. We’ve heard praises from individuals, but so far, we’ve had zero reviews on iTunes. Would you be willing to help us out by reviewing the apps after using them for a while?

To sweeten the deal, you’ll not only get these two apps absolutely free, but if you email me the text of your review (and the country for your iTunes store), I’ll email you a link to our latest Japanese Reader: うさぎと亀 The Tortoise and the Hare also FREE. This download works with PCs and Macs; includes Kindle & Nook ebooks, PDFs for printing, and MP3s of the story in Japanese read slowly and normal speed. Just email me here.


在庫一掃 zaiko issou Inventory Clearance

The reason for looking at the front page (and finding the trojan attack) was to announce our Inventory Clearance Sale:

zaiko issou
Inventory Clearance

Inventory reduction super sale! Instead of offering one item on sale for one day, we are going to try to thin out our overstocked items by putting a dozen or so on sale for a whole week. We may either discontinue some of these items or else keep a very low quantity in stock.

Next week, we will rotate 12 more, so if you see anything you could use, grab them now while they are in stock and on sale.

The following items are on super sale all week:

E de Wakaru Kantan Kanji 160 $ 19.88 $ 14.00 Save 30%
E de Wakaru Kantan Kanji 80 $ 19.88 $ 14.00 Save 30%
Japanese for Busy People Kana Workbook $ 14.00 $ 8.00 Save 43%
Japanese for Busy People I Romaji 3rd Edition $ 27.00 $ 16.00 Save 41%
Japanese for Busy People I Workbook 3rd Edition $ 22.00 $ 14.00 Save 36%
Japanese for Busy People II: Text 3rd Edition $ 29.00 $ 17.00 Save 41%
Japanese for Busy People III: Workbook 3rd Edition $ 29.00 $ 17.00 Save 41%
Taiko – An Epic Novel of War and Glory in Feudal Japan $ 35.00 $ 20.00 Save 43%
The 47 Ronin Story $ 14.95 $ 9.80 Save 34%
The Samurai Banner Of Furin Kazan $ 14.95 $ 9.80 Save 34%
Bushido – Inazo Nitobe $ 12.95 $ 8.00 Save 38%
The Tale of Genji – Genji Monogatari $ 14.95 $ 9.80 Save 34%