The Temporal–an eBook coming soon by CJ Martin

CJ Martin is busily working on the sequel to the Tanaka and the Yakuza’s Daughter 6,000 word short story. That 80k word novel is in the final editing stages, but he is also about to complete a “Supernatural Thriller” called “The Temporal.” (about 55k words)

Eternity: Existence outside time — God’s point of view…

After his wife leaves him for a former friend, Sam Williams moves to Japan to start his life over. But a quiet new life was not to be.

A devastating earthquake in central Japan sends eternity crashing into time, enabling Sam to hear echoes of the past and even the future. Through the echoes, Sam and a mysterious Japanese woman learn of a terrorist plot that could plunge the world into turmoil and position a murderer as the leader of the free world.

They alone have the knowledge and ability to stop the plot.

But even with eternity on their side, will they stop it in time?

If you would like to read Tanaka and the Yakuza’s Daughter for free or would like to be a Beta Reader for the Temporal or the Tanaka novel (tentatively called Tanaka: Sons of Redemption), please let me (Clay) know. [email: clay AT thejapanshop dot com]

Please see for more information.

Kotoba Books to Publish E.C. Smith’s Covenant Series

I’m happy to announce Kotoba Books will be soon publishing Mr. Smith’s Covenant, a 150,000 word fantasy novel.

A book description in progress (very much subject to change!):

Elves, Dwarves, and humans face threats from surrogates sent by the evil Desolate–the dark elves.  It is the early years of recovery following a devastating war between the Desolate and their cousins, the Firstborn. No race has been left unscathed and trust runs thin.

The humans, aided by the Firstborn, have experienced a period of unparalleled prosperity. And now they are preparing to herald the first human king.

But not all clans are happy with the coming changes…

Political intrigue between the human houses threatens the first civil war in human history. Prophesy links the races, and a secret–hidden amongst the humans–is about to be revealed.

If you are interested in fantasy (in English) and would like to read an “uncorrected manuscript” as the New York publishers say, please contact me to be on a beta reader’s list. Extra eyes prior to publication is always good!

Three in the Top Ten Japanese Language Category at Amazon

Three of the top five ebooks in the Japanese Language category at Amazon are ours currently! The top two are from Manga University–great books.

Each of these have a download link on the last page of the Kindle ebook.  TIP: However, if you buy from our store, you can get the entire package instantly in one download (including the Kindle, Nook, PDF, and MP3s).

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Kotowaza — Useful Japanese Proverbs Kindle eBook

Kotowaza–Useful Japanese Proverbs

25 Highly Useful Kotowaza–Japanese Proverbs with detailed explanations and illustrations. These 25 proverbs represent some of the more useful kotowaza heard in daily Japanese life. You’ll notice them in movies, in writing, and most importantly spoken by friends and colleagues. Knowing common kotowaza will not only help you express your thoughts more clearly, but can take your Japanese to a whole new level.

* 25 Useful Proverbs
* Literal English translations and similar English proverbs given
* Helpful notes explain grammar and background
* An Example sentence shows how the proverb is used
* Vocabulary defined for every Japanese word
* For Beginners up

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