Two Tocks Before Midnight Audiobook Review

Two Tocks before Midnight Audiobook Review

Narrator Reviews has just reviewed CJ Martin’s novella, Two Tocks Before Midnight here. Wayne Farrell did a fantastic job with the sound as the review says.

I only have only good things to say about this narrator. Farrrell’s voice is rich, deep, and clear. He gives an excellent presentation of the text parts, as well as in expressing the characters. Farrell, has a good handle on proper emphasis, so each character is easily distinguished.

Click here to hear it at Audible: Two Tocks Before Midnight, C J Martin, Narrator, Wayne Farrell

CJ Martin’s Two Tocks Before Midnight Audiobook Coming

We (really meaning, I–Clay) are thrilled to announce the coming audiobook version of CJ Martin’s Two Tocks before Midnight novella. It is a Sherlock Holmes-esque story that takes the reader back to 19th century Boston.

There is a murder. All members of the Agora Society is at risk; all members are suspect. Only one man, Carl Brooke, has the knowledge and expertise to stop the murderer…

Wayne Farrell will do the narration. He has a marvelous voice and is just perfect for the story. I can’t wait to post excerpts!

Here is the coming audiobook cover:

If you haven’t read it, I don’t think you will be disappointed–check it out on Amazon here or for your Nook here.

And check out CJ Martin’s Author site here:

The Temporal–an eBook coming soon by CJ Martin

CJ Martin is busily working on the sequel to the Tanaka and the Yakuza’s Daughter 6,000 word short story. That 80k word novel is in the final editing stages, but he is also about to complete a “Supernatural Thriller” called “The Temporal.” (about 55k words)

Eternity: Existence outside time — God’s point of view…

After his wife leaves him for a former friend, Sam Williams moves to Japan to start his life over. But a quiet new life was not to be.

A devastating earthquake in central Japan sends eternity crashing into time, enabling Sam to hear echoes of the past and even the future. Through the echoes, Sam and a mysterious Japanese woman learn of a terrorist plot that could plunge the world into turmoil and position a murderer as the leader of the free world.

They alone have the knowledge and ability to stop the plot.

But even with eternity on their side, will they stop it in time?

If you would like to read Tanaka and the Yakuza’s Daughter for free or would like to be a Beta Reader for the Temporal or the Tanaka novel (tentatively called Tanaka: Sons of Redemption), please let me (Clay) know. [email: clay AT thejapanshop dot com]

Please see for more information.