Karate Vocabulary

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Are you a student of the martial arts but are puzzled by some of the Japanese terminology? Are you interested in karate, Japanese culture, or the Japanese language? Do you have children taking karate?

Never studied Japanese? No problem! This app was made for you.

ALL vocabulary words have AUDIO recorded by a Native Speaker of Japanese!

This Karate Vocabulary app contains over 300 words (double since our launch) often heard during karate classes–all with audio by a native Japanese speaker.

* VOCAB – 300+ useful karate / martial arts related terms – more to come with future (free) updates
* AUDIO – All with crystal clear audio for correct (Japanese) pronunciation
* ROMAJI – Romaji (Japanese pronunciation written with the alphabet) along with the Japanese is given
* NOTES -Most entries have cultural or linguistic notes
* FLASHCARDS -Flashcard function for testing your memory–audio is just a tap away
* QUIZ -Take the Quiz: Listen to the speaker say the word then choose the English to match it
* iPad Support – Now a universal app. Run it on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch for no extra charge
* Added new Category: Days, Months, and Seasons
* Many new Settings: Show/Hide Romaji; Auto play sound; Auto read (change to next card); set how to display random and search result pages (flashcard or study card)
* Quickly add to favorites from category lists or from individual card pages
* Improved search engine