Learn Japanese with Phrases and Lessons iPhone / iPad app Updated with Video

It took us a few months to figure out a problem with the video lessons not showing for those who upgraded to the latest iOS on their devices. Well, I’m pleased to say, that has been fixed–sort of. The videos play, but there is still a problem: the app will crash if you exit the video using the app navigation instead of the Youtube navigation. We are working on a workaround, but, honestly, that shouldn’t affect many users.

Plus! New a new icon look.


Here is a review from a user in Spain:

Just awesome
– I tried the lite version I upgrade it pro due of quality! Very easy way. Flashcards are awesome, the stats are very amazing o remember and do it again and again and again and again during hours and houers and hours! If you can spend two or three hours a day without nothing around you just you and the ipad, you will learn kana very very quickly! Thank you so much, you have created one of the best methods for learning japanese in years!


Check out Learn Japanese for your iPhone or iPad by clicking here.

“Absolutely Perfect!” – Learn Japanese with Phrases iPhone and iPad app

I hope to have two big announcements within the next month. We are working hard on having Japanese Phrases ported to Windows 8 and Android very soon. I’m especially excited about Windows 8 since it will also work on regular PCs. If you are interested in either of these OS options, please contact me. If we can do beta testing, I’ll send you a free copy for your advice.

I haven’t been posting reviews lately. But for the past few months, they have all be five stars!  Of course, that gives me great pleasure, but I also always love hearing suggestions for improvements.

Absolutely Perfect! – This app is spectacular! It helps me out so much when I do my Japanese homework. It’s so easy to understand as well, you would be crazy not to download this app. ^____^

Please click here to read more reviews in iTunes. If you are a beginner or upper beginner of Japanese, this app will help you increase your vocabulary.

I was also humbled to receive a phone call the other day from a guy using our Kana app (it is free and ad supported–by the way) just thanking me for the app. That was it. No, “great app, but…” He just wanted to call to thank me. Wow.

If you have an iPhone or an iPad and you are new to Japanese, try our free Kana app. I don’t think the ads are that annoying and the content is top notch.

I wish I could contact iPhone / iPad / iTunes Reviewers

We just got this nice review for our Japanese Phrases and Lessons iPhone / iPad app:

Amazing – Amazing app very useful and full of Interesting pages but can feel a bit clunky at times, when trying to turn page you have to push a button that does not always pop up. Would be 5 stars if they implemented the swipe page function. All in all great app with fully voiced words and phrases 4/5

I have no way to contact him or her to ask him or her more questions. The flashcards and study cards do have a swipe feature. It is possible that person isn’t aware of that because–at least for the flashcards–you have to start the swipe outside the card. (starting the swipe inside the card turns the flashcard over, naturally)

If you have ANY questions or problems with the app, please contact me directly first. I am always looking for ways to improve this app.

iTunes, it would be nice to be able to leave a comment on a comment at least–the way Amazon.com does for book reviews.

Still, it was a nice review–thank you!

Android Apps for Learning Japanese Coming Soon

We have two new apps coming for Android hopefully within a week.

One is actually an update of our Japanese Phrases app for Android, but it is totally redone and much, much bigger.

Japanese Dialogues for Android:

This was one of our most ambitious projects in recent years. But I haven’t done much with it since we launched it for iPhone over a year ago. I’m pleased to announce that not only will we be coming out with an Android version very soon, but we should also have a major update for the iPhone / iPad. More on this later…

Japanese Phrases for Android:

Thousands of sound files and hundreds of lessons. Coming soon!

If you have an Android and are interested in these apps, please let me know and I’ll email you the instant they are available.

New Review for Japanese Phrases FREE app!

Which by the way should have an update any day now. That will be followed by a much larger update in a few weeks.

From a nice user in Spain:

Reseña – ¡este app es una pasada! me he descargado como 20 apps distintos para aprender Japonés y este es el único que a pasito a pasito, vamos, para principiantes nulos como yo… ademas es ordenado y no es un disparate sobre ¿¡¿¡que hago ahora, pero si no tengo idea de que es eso?!?! la verdad, así da gusto aprender un lenguaje tan complejo como el japones!

A friend kindly translated this:

This app is amazing! I have tried about 20 different apps to learn Japanese and this is the only one that goes step by step for beginners like me. Also, its orderly and isn’t nonsense like, “What do I do now if I have no clue what this is?!?” In truth, this makes it enjoyable to learn a language as complicated as Japanese.

We posted this app in February or March 2009. Since then, it has garnered 12,000+ ratings and has been downloaded over a half a million times!

It’s free! If you have an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, grab it today.

Japanese Phrases FREE iPhone App Reviews and Update

First the good news:

Overnight, we got three new reviews for the Japanese Phrases FREE iPhone / iPad app. They were all solid Five-Star Reviews. Nice!

[A User in Canada ] Excellent – Love it, i learn much faster then with my books!

[A User in England ] woowow – amazing my first day of japanese i have learnt so much!!!

[A User in the US ] Very easy! – This is a great app. I’ve been trying to learn Japanese recently, but everything I was trying was just all over the place. They were tossing things at you and you don’t know what going on. This app however, makes it really simple and easy to understand. And teaches you in a fun way that makes it stay in your head. I’ve only started using this since last week and I can already read quite a bit of words in hiragana and katakana (kanji is annoying, lol). If u wanna learn japanese easily, this app works

If you haven’t downloaded the app and you have an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, PLEASE do so. It is free and helps our rankings. Click here for the iTunes link.

And for our Paid version, we also got this short and sweet review:

[A User in the US ] Just getting started – This is great! Thank you! Arigato!

However, the Free version does have a memory handling problem that can cause it to crash on some devices. I’m working on uploading a quick fix today. It doesn’t seem to affect most users, but I did get an email this morning about it.

Please contact me directly clay AT the Japan Shop dot com if you have ANY problems with any of our apps. I want to squash any bug we find.