New Weekly Pictures of the Kids

I found a video (apparently, this is very common) of a proud father who had photographed his children once a week. The video of the child growing years in seconds was amazing. I decided, I should resurrect this blog and do something like that.

Here are Megumi and Makoto from a week ago (5-12-12). I can easily get Makoto to stand still or to get him to open his eyes, but doing both at the same time…

And here are their mugs from today. Megumi had some chocolately something. Makoto was busy working with Legos.

Norimaki–Do you like me, Mommy?

Driving home from a friend’s house tonight, I heard a conversation between Makoto (5 year old boy) and Yumi (the mother, age not specified).  She was explaining (in Japanese) how she would like Makoto so much more if he spoke Japanese. 

Makoto understands Japanese very well, but almost everything he says, he says in English.  Ask a question in Japanese, out comes an answer in English.

Anyway, after Yumi said that, there was silence for a few seconds.  I thought Makoto was just moving on to something else.  Instead, this is what I heard:


And then:

Do you like me, Mommy?

I didn’t get it at first, but Yumi started laughing.  Makoto spoke Japanese (norimaki — sushi roll) and imagined that would qualify for Mommy to like him more. 

She slowly coaxed more full sentences out of him, but at least he knew “norimaki” was Japanese.

Makoto and The Flyswatter–a True Story

You know how kids like to role-play?  For example, “Mommy, you be the bad guy; I’m the police.”  Or “Mommy, you be a corrupt politician and I’ll be an angry voter.”

Well, the other day–in all seriousness, this really did happen–Makoto walked up to mommy with a flyswatter behind his back.  (see illustration below)

Looking up at her with a straight face and wide eyes he said, “Mommy, you be a fly.”

Much to my dismay, mommy chose not to play his game.  As a result, I can’t tell you what happened next…

Tea, Cheese Please

Makoto (the three year old) could drink Apple Juice™ all day long if we let him.  That is why Yumi was very surprised to hear him ask for “tea.”   We like to get him to drink tea or milk when possible and this was our chance!

She made him repeat the “tea” a few times before asking where his cup was.  Then he said, “No cup!”

Ok, now we were confused.   How could he drink tea without a cup?

Then Yumi realized he had asked for “Cheese.”  Cheese is another item he could eat all day long if we let him.  But we don’t.

Finish This by Clicking 'X'

click xMakoto, the three-year-old, was wanting to go to the supermarket (probably thinks he will get a toy Monster Truck).  I had a little bit of work to do on a spreadsheet and told him, “Let me finish up and then we will go.”

Makoto grabbed the mouse and replied, “Makoto finish up.  Click X!  Click X!”

I stopped him in time, but he knew just what to do to help me ‘finish up.’