Trojan Redirect Apologies

I hadn’t been to the front page of for a while (the admin pages were not affected) and was surprised to find the site redirecting to various shady sites wanting to sell me things. I don’t know how long it has been doing this, but I am VERY sorry for not catching this earlier.

The problem was, I hadn’t updated WordPress to the latest version and somehow someone wrote over the header.php file in the active theme with a Javascript redirect command.

It would have taken me hours to figure this out had I not stumbled on this post some kind soul took the time to write.

So if your WordPress blog is redirecting, do this:

1) Make sure you have the latest version of WordPress
2) Check to see if /wp-content/themes/NAMEOFTHEME/header.php has any JavaScript in it. If it does, delete it.
3) Write an apology post for not catching it sooner

Many apologies for not taking care of this sooner.

Some Things for Sale: DS Japanese Games; Casio Dictionary CD

Cleaning up around here, I created a stack of stuff that someone can use, but I don’t really want to make a product page for it at TheJapanShop.  If something interests you, I’m willing to negotiate 🙂  Also email me or call 1-386-965-8774 if you have any questions or would like a photo of anything. (or you could use Google to find out more about these too!)

Nintendo DS Games (will work on ANY DS device)

1) Kanji Dragon 必殺カンフー漢字ドラゴン (game for learning kanji) – never opened; still in shrinkwrap. $25
2) Kanken DS 2 漢検DS2+常用漢字字典 (kanji training software for the Kanji Test) – never opened; still in shrinkwrap. $38

J-Pop Music CD

1) Puffy – Jet CD – This is opened, but the CD is fine; no scratches $5


1) Kanji Learner’s Dictionary CD for several Casio electronic dictionaries including the XD-GP9700.  $38 (It should work with all Casio dictionary models starting with SW, GW, SP, GP, SF, GF)

Here is what Casio writes about it:


講談社 漢英学習字典 収録数:親字2,230字/熟語約31,000語
©Jack Halpern 1999
画期的な「字形式検字法(SKIP search)」により迅速に検字でき、中心義により各字の基本的な概念を即座に把握できる初級、中級日本語学習者のニーズに応える学習字典。常用漢字筆順図解つき。
* Speedy lookup using SKIP Search based on the revolutionary System of Kanji Indexing by Patterns.
* The core meaning, a concise keyword, enables instant grasp of the central concept represented by of each character.
*Serves as a powerful tool for beginning and intermediate learners.


If anyone is interested, please call or email me.

Laying Low

I have a new project in the works that has sucked all my time.  It isn’t related to Japanese or the iPhone but pulling me from all directions.

I will probably not post much around here for the next month or so.  Once I come back to regular blogging, I’ll have a more concrete idea of what to blog about here.  (One of my biggest problems with 1nichi1kai is the randomness, I think)

I’m currently leaning toward making this blog a “Common Japanese Phrase a Day” blog with sound and examples (not sure if I could do this everyday–maybe every other day!)

I’m not too interested in blogging about my life or how much food my cat eats (especially since I don’t have a cat!), but blogging about language is a lot of fun.  Just have to get a few things done first…

How to ReTweet & Harvey's Kansai-ben iPhone App

Harvey of Japan Newbie fame emailed me this morning that his iPhone app (which we helped with a little bit) was on sale at iTunes!  (more on this with the next post) He mentioned several of his Twitter followers had “Retweeted” the news.

Well, I had heard of “retweeting,” but had no clue how to do that.  I kept looking for a “retweet” button, but found none.

So as a help to someone stumbling on this page and as a reminder to me, here is how you do it:

1) First declare that you are “retweeting” with a “Retweet:” or “Retweeting:”
2) Second write “@” and the person’s Twitter name


Retweet: @JapanNewbie Released Japanese 101: Kansai Dialect iPhone / iTouch app はよやりや!

That’s that!

Check out Harvey’s blog and of course, the new iPhone app!  I’ll write more on that soon.  It is really great–er… えらい! (Not sure if that is the best usage, but…)


I Found out the iPhone has a Password Lock

When we were in Japan a few months last year, I let Makoto (then two years old) play with my iPhone quite a bit. I had my SIM card out of the phone so short of dropping it in the toilet, I didn’t think he could mess it up too bad. He loved playing with Youtube and the calculator.

Yesterday I let him play with it again after putting it in airplane mode to disable the phone and the wifi.

Turns out the iPhone has a password lock function. Who’d a-thunked it?  Makoto showed me this discovery after kindly setting the master password with a series of random taps. The next time I turned on the phone it asked me for a password before entering.

I spent the next two hours doing a reinstall and restore from an 11 day old backup. I don’t think I lost anything important, but this seems to be the ONLY way to fix the iPhone if you ‘forgot’ your password.

1) Hold down the top button and turn it off
2) Start iTunes and plug in the phone
3) Hold down the top and home button for about 25 seconds
4) Follow the instructions to reset your phone
5) Restore a backup

Why, oh why did Apple make the password set function without requiring the password to be entered twice?!  I really hope they ‘fix’ that in an update.  I know I’m not the only one with a toddler with a password-protection-passion;  while Googling I found several other poor fathers in a similar situation.

おおきに! Ta!

We are watching a movie on TV Japan.  It has very good subtitles–obviously done by a professional, but for some reason every time someone says, 「おおきに」 (thank you) it just says “Ta.”  It has kind of bugged us since they say 「おおきに」 quite a lot.

We can’t figure out what “Ta.” is supposed to be.  That is a capital ‘T,’ a lower case ‘a,’ and a period.

Like I said, other than that, the subtitles are excellent.

Anyone have an idea what ‘Ta.’ could mean?