This is the personal blog of Clay Boutwell.  I tend to write about my son (Makoto), daughter (Megumi), two dogs (Tevye and Hana) or what’s going on with our various activities.

We run http://www.TheJapanShop.com, http://TheJapanesePage.com, and Kotoba, Inc.  Kotoba, inc produces language learning software for the iPhone, iPad, Kindle, MP3 Downloads, and readers for the computer.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi,
    Your iPhone application, “Japanese Phrases” (and Kotoba dictionary?) has been an essential part of my learning to communicate for my new life here in Tokyo. I purchased it in April 2010 and it has been a “patient teacher” as I am learning hiragana and basic phrases. I have recommended it to many people. Even my Japanese language teacher was impressed at the information.
    I am disappointed that in the process of the updates, the hiragana reference chart with links has been removed. I really miss that “home” page of hiragana reference that I could easily reference on the metro. I must admit I’m am getting a little lost in the application with the many updates–it’s great and seamless–but hard to jump in when I’m trying to “show off” this application to a new acquaintance. Ganbatte! Ann

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