Four New Reviews for our FREE Hiragana & Katakana iPhone / iPad App

Normally, we get a review every other day. But today, we suddenly got four for our Hiragana and Katakana – Complete Basics of Japanese! And I love all four.

starstarstarstarstar Most Easy And Effcient App For Learning Japanese On The Appstore.
From Learning To Writ(e) Japanese (Katakana & Hiragana) To Reading Stories & Writing Them With Perfect Grammar.This Is A Perfect Combination Of What A Newbie Needs for His/Her Japanese.

starstarstarstarstar  Awesome app! Best Japanese app I’ve ever had
It’s a great app for beginners just taking the first steps as well as more experienced people. I’ve studied for more that a year and this app has clarified many things I might have otherwise never understood. The only complaint I had was that the search option was very limited so I got a japanese dictionary app to compensate because I wanted to search words I had heard but didn’t know that meaning of.the search option needs to be like a dictionary with a database that doesn’t need Internet. That would make this app the best Japanese learning app on the app store.

starstarstarstarstar  Very helpful app!!
Easy to use. Great study tool.

starstarstarstarstar  Thank you
I had the sudden spark to learn Japanese before school and this app helped, it helps you remember, gives you quizzes and examples. It’s absolutely perfect. 5 stars.

Neat! That makes my day. BTW, if you have an iPhone or iPad and you are interested in learning Japanese, this app is free and easy to use. Download it now. It is ad supported, but I guarantee the ads are unobtrusive.