Learn Japanese with Phrases and Lessons iPhone / iPad app Updated with Video

It took us a few months to figure out a problem with the video lessons not showing for those who upgraded to the latest iOS on their devices. Well, I’m pleased to say, that has been fixed–sort of. The videos play, but there is still a problem: the app will crash if you exit the video using the app navigation instead of the Youtube navigation. We are working on a workaround, but, honestly, that shouldn’t affect many users.

Plus! New a new icon look.


Here is a review from a user in Spain:

Just awesome
– I tried the lite version I upgrade it pro due of quality! Very easy way. Flashcards are awesome, the stats are very amazing o remember and do it again and again and again and again during hours and houers and hours! If you can spend two or three hours a day without nothing around you just you and the ipad, you will learn kana very very quickly! Thank you so much, you have created one of the best methods for learning japanese in years!


Check out Learn Japanese for your iPhone or iPad by clicking here.

Learn Japanese App for Windows 8

We are pleased to announce our Windows 8 app, Learn Japanese, has reached over a 1000 downloads!


Here is the latest review: (five stars!)

By Mike:

Great product!

I am *very* pleased with this product. Grammar/kana lessons are reasonably good compared to popular textbooks. The advantage of this app is that it gives you immediate access to natural *native* speech (you can simply click on any Japanese sentence to hear it pronounced by a Japanese), an option that is often missing in textbooks *(if they come with CDS, finding relevant sentences is often impractical). I highly recommend this app, in addition to the JLPT apps by the same publisher.

Worth every $

Thank you Mike–I’m glad it is helpful.

If you have Windows 8 on your PC, download it today–there is a free version that is fully functional, but has (unobtrusive) ads and limited content. Click here.

Adding Sound Files and Music to your iPhone

If you just got an iPhone and were wondering just how to add music to it from your computer, here’s how.

You would think you could simply drag and drop MP3s onto your iPhone. But why make it easy for us? iTunes is confusing, but once you figure it out, it is handy for keeping things organized.

I use folders and playlists within the folders to organize things. Folders just hold playlists and playlists hold tracks.



I have a folder called “Crooners” and in it, I have several playlists that I have grouped by the artist. Under it, I have another folder for my Japanese music.

To do this, first make a folder.

1)      With the newest version of iTunes (, you click on the top left.


2)      New > New Playlist Folder.


3)      Name the folder “Japanese Lessons” or “Kotoba” or whatever

4)      Next, make a playlist and name it whatever you want.


Next, plug in your iPhone, add that playlist, and sync.

1)      Click on the iPhone button to the top right.


2)      Click on “Music” at the top


3)      Select “Sync Music” and “Selected Playlists, artists, albums, and genres”


4)      Then choose the playlists you want.


Sync and you should see it on your iPhone.