I wish I could contact iPhone / iPad / iTunes Reviewers

We just got this nice review for our Japanese Phrases and Lessons iPhone / iPad app:

Amazing – Amazing app very useful and full of Interesting pages but can feel a bit clunky at times, when trying to turn page you have to push a button that does not always pop up. Would be 5 stars if they implemented the swipe page function. All in all great app with fully voiced words and phrases 4/5

I have no way to contact him or her to ask him or her more questions. The flashcards and study cards do have a swipe feature. It is possible that person isn’t aware of that because–at least for the flashcards–you have to start the swipe outside the card. (starting the swipe inside the card turns the flashcard over, naturally)

If you have ANY questions or problems with the app, please contact me directly first. I am always looking for ways to improve this app.

iTunes, it would be nice to be able to leave a comment on a comment at least–the way Amazon.com does for book reviews.

Still, it was a nice review–thank you!

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