New Video Lesson: Japanese Idiom 赤子の手をひねるよう taking candy from a baby

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New Weekly Pictures of the Kids

I found a video (apparently, this is very common) of a proud father who had photographed his children once a week. The video of the child growing years in seconds was amazing. I decided, I should resurrect this blog and do something like that.

Here are Megumi and Makoto from a week ago (5-12-12). I can easily get Makoto to stand still or to get him to open his eyes, but doing both at the same time…

And here are their mugs from today. Megumi had some chocolately something. Makoto was busy working with Legos.

New Review for our 100 Japanese Grammar Points Kindle eBook

Well, I was just thrilled to read a brand new review for our Kindle ebook, 100 Japanese Grammar Points.


We’d had two other reviews. One was four star that was generally positive and one was a three star that didn’t like how I used screen shots to capture the Japanese. Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t currently allow Japanese characters even though most Kindles out there support it. So, I have to use images. I do need to fix the ones with the spell check squiggly lines, though…

Here is the wonderful review–Thank you Solano-san!


1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Value,May 6, 2012
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This review is from: 100 Japanese Grammar Points in Plain English (Kindle Edition)

I do not care tha much for e-books, what they make up in ostensible convenience, they usually lack in quality, so I do appreciate some of the comments regarding screenshots… and I agree; I’ve had my share of disappointments.

Having said that, this particular book is an invaluable wealth of very useful, pragmatic information. I am learning Japanese on my own, so finding material that is comprehensive, and making sense of it without the help of an instructor is difficult.

In my assessment if you learn basic vocanulary and apply the concepts presented in this book, you will gain a significant grasp of the fundamentals; this book has gone a long way in helping me bridge the gap of understanding from pieces of information collected from other sources.

If you’re someone who enjoys learning on your own, you will get a lot out of this book… and the price makes it a great deal, I would not be shy about buying other japanese learning material from this author



Latest Educational Video: Japanese Dialogues — Meeting for the First Time

See the full webpage for more information about this dialogue:


hajimemashite, maiku to moushimasu.
Hello, I’m Mike.

hajimemashite, yumi desu.
Nice to meet you. I’m Yumi.

douzo yoroshiku onegaishimasu.
Nice to meet you.

doko kara kimashita ka?
Where are you from?

amerika desu.

amerika no doko desu ka?
Where in America?

furorida shuu desu.

furorida wa atsui deshou.
Florida is hot, isn’t it?

hai, atsui desu.
Yes, it is hot.

yumi san no shusshin wa doko desu ka?
Where are you (Yumi) from?

toukyou desu.

boku wa toukyou ga suki desu.
I like Tokyo.

sou desu ka? a, watashi wa sorosoro shigoto ni ikanakucha.
Really? Oh, I have to go to work soon.

sore jaa, mata.
Well then, see you later.

hai, sayounara.
Yes, goodbye.