Japanese Sentences – Building and Understanding

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Learn vocabulary naturally and in context.  Understand how Japanese sentences are constructed with this app designed to break down complex sentences into easy to understand parts.

The app includes five lessons absolutely free (60+ sound files).  Each line adds a single word until the sentence is completed.  This way you can see exactly how Japanese sentences are constructed from the ground up.  Tap any line to hear it spoken.  Press the information icon on the line to get a list of vocabulary words found in that line plus any grammatical or cultural notes.  Tap “View Vocabulary” to get a full list of all the vocabulary found in that particular sentence lesson.  Tap the play button to hear each line read in order with or without space for repetition.

Adjust the font size, whether to show romaji and / or English by default and set to pause between lines for repetition.

Provided for in-app purchasing are packs of 20 sentence lessons each.  Topics covered include: Asking Directions, Famous Haiku, Useful Conversational Phrases, Famous Quotes, and Classic Movie Quotes.  Coming soon!  Kansai Dialect.


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