Kotowaza — Useful Japanese Proverbs Kindle eBook

Kotowaza–Useful Japanese Proverbs

25 Highly Useful Kotowaza–Japanese Proverbs with detailed explanations and illustrations. These 25 proverbs represent some of the more useful kotowaza heard in daily Japanese life. You’ll notice them in movies, in writing, and most importantly spoken by friends and colleagues. Knowing common kotowaza will not only help you express your thoughts more clearly, but can take your Japanese to a whole new level.

* 25 Useful Proverbs
* Literal English translations and similar English proverbs given
* Helpful notes explain grammar and background
* An Example sentence shows how the proverb is used
* Vocabulary defined for every Japanese word
* For Beginners up

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Japanese Sentences – Building and Understanding

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Learn vocabulary naturally and in context.  Understand how Japanese sentences are constructed with this app designed to break down complex sentences into easy to understand parts.

The app includes five lessons absolutely free (60+ sound files).  Each line adds a single word until the sentence is completed.  This way you can see exactly how Japanese sentences are constructed from the ground up.  Tap any line to hear it spoken.  Press the information icon on the line to get a list of vocabulary words found in that line plus any grammatical or cultural notes.  Tap “View Vocabulary” to get a full list of all the vocabulary found in that particular sentence lesson.  Tap the play button to hear each line read in order with or without space for repetition.

Adjust the font size, whether to show romaji and / or English by default and set to pause between lines for repetition.

Provided for in-app purchasing are packs of 20 sentence lessons each.  Topics covered include: Asking Directions, Famous Haiku, Useful Conversational Phrases, Famous Quotes, and Classic Movie Quotes.  Coming soon!  Kansai Dialect.

Hiragana and Katakana

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iPhone Apps

Quickly master both Hiragana AND Katakana in one app. Purchase once and learn on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad for no extra charge.

Ever wanted to learn Japanese but didn’t know where to begin? Learning hiragana first is often suggested by Japanese teachers and many textbooks (Genki, Japanese for Busy People Kana version, etc) virtually require it. This app will help you master both syllabaries* quickly and painlessly.

This app has over 250 sound files featuring all the main hiragana and katakana characters (we will be adding all of the combination characters soon as a free update!) and about 150 example words using characters learned.

– Universal app: iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad
– Learn using Study cards with all information on a single card or with Flashcards to flip to see answers
– Quiz yourself after studying each section and review any missed answers
– Search all hiragana, katakana, and example words
– Random function: tap if you are feeling lucky — great for reviewing all hiragana and katakana
– Lessons — an additional way to study all hiragana and katakana
– (on iPad) view random hiragana on the front page

If you are sure you want to learn Japanese, you may want to grab our “Japanese Phrases & Lessons” app instead (or you can click on our “TheJapanesePage.com” link at the top to see all our apps). This includes most (but not all) of what is here for hiragana and katakana AND also includes kanji and grammar lessons plus almost 3,000 sound files of common words and phrases.

If you have ANY questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

* Although often called “alphabets,” Hiragana and Katakana are more properly called “syllabaries” since each character more or less represents a syllable.

Latin Quotations and Proverbs

iPhone Apps

Nearly 2,000 Latin Quotes in dozens of categories beautifully embellished with the paintings of John William Waterhouse and other artists of classical antiquity themes.

Please see the screen shots for layout and design.

* 1,950+ quotes
* No internet connection needed
* Dozens of beautiful Greco-Roman themed artwork as backgrounds
* An art gallery of John William Waterhouse paintings
* Browse Quotations by Categories or Alphabetically
* Favorite any quote to quickly find and study later
* Email ANY quote to anyone
* Most quotes have notes
* Random feature
* Quiz to practice your understanding
* Search all quotes to quickly find that quote you are thinking of
* Includes a brief pronunciation guide

Most of the data came from the Public Domain WikiQuotes site.

Founding Fathers iPhone app

iPhone Apps

Hundreds of wise and witty quotes from the Founding Fathers of the United States.

Works on iPhones or iPod Touches

Read and study quotes by:

Benjamin Franklin
George Washington
John Adams (and the Founding Mother Abigail!)
Thomas Jefferson
Alexander Hamilton
James Madison
John Jay
Patrick Henry
Thomas Paine
Samuel Adams
And many more!

* 550+ quotes (more to be added in updates of course!)
* Biographies given for most of the authors (linked from each quote by that person)
* Browse the quotes by the Father (author) or by Categories (e.g. Advice; Character/Honor; Constitution; Economics; Liberty; etc)
* Declaration of Independence and Constitution
* The complete Federalist Papers
* Search for quotes–find any word in any quote easily
* Each quote has date, author, and background information if available
* Favorite any quote for easy review; you can also easily delete favorites
* Email quotes to friends easily
* Test your skills with the quiz: a quote is displayed with four names; you have to choose the correct author
* Review missed quotes at the end of the quiz by jumping to the individual quote pages
* Random — feeling lucky? Tap to see a random quote.
* Beautiful graphics and artwork

Why is this app different from other quote apps?

Most quote apps out there are simply flashcard apps with little or no information or interactivity. This is fine for reading, but for those with a genuine interest in the founding era of the Republic, our app contains context and date information. One of the reasons we created this app was because so many wonderful quotes found on the internet and other apps are misattributed or–perhaps worse–left unnamed or undated.

We have researched each of the quotes found in the app and have done our best to make sure the quote and the information is accurate. (of course PLEASE let us know if you spot any errors!)

Also ours isn’t simply a list of quotes in a flashcard format. We have included bios of the major players, a search function to quickly find any keyword, an interactive quiz, a way to email a quote to a friend, and a favorites feature.

We sincerely want to make this a useful app for lovers of American history–if you have ANY suggestions or corrections, please email us or give us a call.

Japanese Proverbs and Sayings

iPhone Apps

25 Highly Useful Kotowaza–Japanese Proverbs with Sound and detailed explanation

Proverbs are sometimes thought of as clichés—but with a poetic touch. Proverbs, however, are not meaningless, overused phrases. They often express in a pithy and precise way complex meanings that would otherwise require a great deal of explanation.

Japanese tend to use kotowaza often—more often than most English speakers. These 25 proverbs represent some of the more useful kotowaza heard in daily Japanese life.

You‟ll notice them in movies, in writing, and most importantly spoken by friends and colleagues. Knowing common kotowaza will not only help you express your thoughts more clearly, but also take your Japanese to a whole new polished level.

This app includes:
* 100 sound files with normal and slowed down speed for each proverb AND normal and slowed down speed for each example sentence.
* Detailed usage and linguistic explanations and notes
* Flashcard to test your memory
* Take the interactive Quiz
* Internet connection NOT necessary

Toddler English, Spanish, and Japanese Vocabulary

iPhone Apps

OVER 450 Audio files!
(150+ words in THREE languages) 🙂

ENGLISH + SPANISH + JAPANESE = Language learning fun!

Over 150 vocabulary words hand picked for your toddler–each with an English, Spanish, and Japanese sound file. Your toddler won’t just see a pretty picture, but he or she will hear it in English, Spanish, Japanese, all languages, or none at all!

Your child chooses from one of six picture and color coded categories. The first flashcard appears and automatically speaks the word in the language you choose (default is English).

We designed this to be as simple and intuitive as possible. Hand it to your toddler (may want to put your iPhone on Airplane mode!) and let Toddler Vocabulary entertain (and teach) while you read that new summer novel.

The six categories are:
1) Animals
2) Food & Drink
3) Things
4) Numbers (1-25)
5) Colors
6) Around the House objects

Parents! Do you want to expose your child to Spanish or Japanese? This app contains over 450 sound files covering 150+ words in three languages. AND it is LESS than a dollar!! (Ok, a penny less, but…)


1) Auto play the word in English, Spanish, or Japanese.
2) Have all three languages play automatically or none at all (silent mode).
3) Choose to have the words in each category display Randomly (default) or Alphabetical (numbers go from 1-25 when set “Alphabetical”).
4) Your settings are saved when the app closes.

Thank you!
Kotoba, Inc.