Japanese Conversation and Dialogues iPhone app

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Finally, a fun and easy way to learn REAL conversational Japanese.

We have been involved with helping people learn (and teach) Japanese for over ten years now through our TheJapanesePage.com (free) website and TheJapanShop.com webstore. We have learned the best way to learn vocabulary–by far–is in context. This app has been designed from the ground up with this in mind.

Japanese Dialogues (or Dialogs) and Conversation comes with four beginning level dialogues recorded by native Japanese speakers (male and female) absolutely FREE! Download the app now for no charge to see how amazingly useful this can be.

Also, every word in every dialogue is defined and has its own sound files recorded by native voice actors and actresses. Tap a single line to hear just that line. Tap the play button at the top of the dialogue to hear the dialogue read naturally line by line. Set it up so it pauses for repetition after each line. The settings menu also allows you to hide/show romaji and English translations.

Nearly every line from every dialogue is packed with cultural notes and hints for correct usage. Just tap the information icon for notes to popup along with every word from that line defined. Just tap any word to hear it spoken. We want this to be a seriously useful tool for learning Japanese! In all, we have recorded over 3,000 sound files for all the dialogue packs! The free dialogues alone have almost 200 sound files!

Additional dialogues are available for in-app purchase on topics such as: traveling, at the airport, with friends, out on a date, business phone, and much more. We have tried to offer a lot for a little (most dialogue packs are only .99 and have at least 7 full dialogues and hundreds of sound files). Try out the free dialogues to see if it will help you with your Japanese!

Japanese Dialogues and Conversation - TheJapanesePage.com


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