Huge Update for iPhone/iPad Japanese Phrases app

The Japanese Phrases and Lessons app (opens in iTunes) has a new update.

New to this Update:
* Lessons section totally redone (this is what took us the longest!) — 95% of the negative reviews were about the lessons section crashing, unresponsive, or otherwise ugly. Now the entire lessons navigation is controlled natively by iPhone controls (previously, it was just a bunch of HTML files). All Japanese words in the lessons have audio (tap to hear!).
* Spaced Repetition – Mark words/phrases as “Mastered,” “Familiar,” or ” Unfamiliar” to have that phrase appear more often or less often when ordered.
* Random order – In addition to having categories ordered by Spaced Repetition, you can also have it displayed randomly.
* Stats! Now a glance at any category will tell you how many words you have “Mastered” and how far you have to go.
* Better use of space – the bottom menu is gone! Now all pages are accessed from the front page.
* Option: Choose number of questions to be quizzed in the Quizzes
* Auto card – Have the cards change automatically (new on iPhone)

I already uploaded an update to this update fixing a few small things I forgot to add to this update. The next update will include retina enhanced images (for iPhone 4) and/or additional kanji lessons. I’m planning on doing both, but if I get one done before the other, I may just upload it as is.

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