Brand New Instant Download: Japanese Sound and Action Words

This is our first instant download in almost a year.  We have been so busy with iPhone apps, this part of our business was totally neglected.  But I’m happy to announce we have a new $5 download!

Or actually, we don’t.  After some thought, we decided to change our pricing schedule.  Up until yesterday, all of the instant download products have been a flat $5. But some products, such as the readers, were more work intensive than others.

Most of our current stock will actually become cheaper. But some will be more expensive. We have already lowered the prices on the ones we will lower but we are keeping the others at $5 for now. We will probably raise those prices in 1-2 weeks (after our monthly newsletter goes out).  So if there are any readers you are interested in, grab ’em while they are still cheap.

This pack contains about 90 common giongo (onomatopoeia) and gitaigo (mimetic words) sound words. Each sound word has an example sentence.

Beginners can get a lot out of this product, but very basic Japanese is recommended.

This pack includes:

  • A E-Book in Flash for interactive studying and listening (click to hear)
  • A 35 Page PDF (for printing)
  • Folders with individual MP3 files for each word AND for each example sentence in Japanese
  • Works with PCs or Macs

In the flash file, click to hear it instantly read by a native speaker. Print the PDF for offline review. The PDF and Flash program contain the words and example sentences.

Drop the MP3 files into your MP3 player to listen when away from the computer. Or burn the MP3s to a CD to listen in your car.

Please see the product page for sample audio and images.