Some Things for Sale: DS Japanese Games; Casio Dictionary CD

Cleaning up around here, I created a stack of stuff that someone can use, but I don’t really want to make a product page for it at TheJapanShop.  If something interests you, I’m willing to negotiate 🙂  Also email me or call 1-386-965-8774 if you have any questions or would like a photo of anything. (or you could use Google to find out more about these too!)

Nintendo DS Games (will work on ANY DS device)

1) Kanji Dragon 必殺カンフー漢字ドラゴン (game for learning kanji) – never opened; still in shrinkwrap. $25
2) Kanken DS 2 漢検DS2+常用漢字字典 (kanji training software for the Kanji Test) – never opened; still in shrinkwrap. $38

J-Pop Music CD

1) Puffy – Jet CD – This is opened, but the CD is fine; no scratches $5


1) Kanji Learner’s Dictionary CD for several Casio electronic dictionaries including the XD-GP9700.  $38 (It should work with all Casio dictionary models starting with SW, GW, SP, GP, SF, GF)

Here is what Casio writes about it:


講談社 漢英学習字典 収録数:親字2,230字/熟語約31,000語
©Jack Halpern 1999
画期的な「字形式検字法(SKIP search)」により迅速に検字でき、中心義により各字の基本的な概念を即座に把握できる初級、中級日本語学習者のニーズに応える学習字典。常用漢字筆順図解つき。
* Speedy lookup using SKIP Search based on the revolutionary System of Kanji Indexing by Patterns.
* The core meaning, a concise keyword, enables instant grasp of the central concept represented by of each character.
*Serves as a powerful tool for beginning and intermediate learners.


If anyone is interested, please call or email me.

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