How to Enable Japanese on an iPhone

This is actually pretty easy to figure out by stumbling about in the iPhone Settings, but from time to time I hear people asking.  So, here is how to turn on the Japanese keyboard and voice commands on the iPhone or iPod Touch.

1) First tap the Settings icon probably on your first screen:


2) Next tap “General.”

iPhone Japanese Settings

3) Next tap “International”–You could do the same thing by tapping “Keyboard” and then “International Keyboards,” but International gives you other options.

Enabling Japanese on iPhone

4) The “Language” setting sets the language for all menu titles; Try changing the Voice Control to Japanese and then hold down the home button for a few seconds.  But for today’s post, we want the third choice–Keyboards. 


5) Set QWERTY to ON and leave Kana off.  Using QWERTY (or romaji input) is so much easier than searching for kana.


That’s it.  Most people will find this on their own (I did).  But for those who Google before trying, here you go!


2 thoughts on “How to Enable Japanese on an iPhone

  1. To be able to insert handwritten characters, enable the Traditional Chinese Handwriting “keyboard” in the same options dialog.Although created for Traditional Chinese, it also works for Simplified and Japanese.Correct me if I'm wrong 🙂

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