How to ReTweet & Harvey's Kansai-ben iPhone App

Harvey of Japan Newbie fame emailed me this morning that his iPhone app (which we helped with a little bit) was on sale at iTunes!  (more on this with the next post) He mentioned several of his Twitter followers had “Retweeted” the news.

Well, I had heard of “retweeting,” but had no clue how to do that.  I kept looking for a “retweet” button, but found none.

So as a help to someone stumbling on this page and as a reminder to me, here is how you do it:

1) First declare that you are “retweeting” with a “Retweet:” or “Retweeting:”
2) Second write “@” and the person’s Twitter name


Retweet: @JapanNewbie Released Japanese 101: Kansai Dialect iPhone / iTouch app はよやりや!

That’s that!

Check out Harvey’s blog and of course, the new iPhone app!  I’ll write more on that soon.  It is really great–er… えらい! (Not sure if that is the best usage, but…)



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