So Jack is dying, his daughter returns for a stem cell miracle, and Season Seven comes to a close.  I have a feeling Season Eight will spend half of the day cleaning up Season Seven’s mess.

This was the first season I actually watched on TV.  Every other year, I waited until it was finished, bought the DVD, and crammed 24 hours in a day or two–naturally with lots of popcorn and coke.  

Overall, it was quite good.  Although–and I’m sure I’m not the only one–I REALLY wanted to get up off my chair and slap Chloe #2 across the face quite a few times.  I call her “Chloe #2” because… I can’t remember her name.  But she is the computer geek doing Chloe’s job at the FBI.  She could care less if a gazillon people were about to die as long as all the t’s were crossed… 

It would have been a much better season if she ended up being the mole at FBI–if she was connected with a radical anti-human trees-first organization, for example.

Other than that, I thought the cast was pretty good. Bill Buchanan came back and died;  Tony came back from the dead only to end up living; Chloe came back from the living, stayed on living, but didn’t get to slap Chloe #2…  

Why not!!?

Well, one can only hope for a little slap action in Season Eight. Go Chloe!  Defeat your nemesis!


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