Beat my What?! Google does a Number on Washington

“When you beat my pitch, young gentlemen, I’ll try again.”

Yesterday, while reading up on Washington I came across the story of George Washington out-throwing all others in a throwing contest.  Well, wanting a little more context than the book was giving, I decided to Google, “When you beat my pitch, young gentlemen, I’ll try again.”

Go ahead, you try it and see what Google suggests.  Hmmmm…

Anyway, for those interested, here is the full account of the throwing contest:

Peale delighted to relate incidents that occurred during his intercourse at various times with Washington, particularly the display of the vast physical prowess of the chief in 1772.  He said:  “One afternoon several young gentlemen, visiters at Mount Vernon, and myself were engaged in pitching the bar, one of the athletic sports common in those days, when suddenly the colonel appeared among us.  He requested to be shown the pegs that marked the bounds of our efforts;  then, smiling, and without putting off his coat, held out his hand for the missile.  No sooner,” observed the narrator, with emphasis, “did the heavy iron bar feel the grasp of his mighty hand than it lost the power of gravitation, and whizzed through the air, striking the ground far, very far, beyond our utmost limits.  We were indeed amazed, as we stood around, all stripped to the buff, with shirt sleeves rolled up, and having thought ourselves very clever fellows, while the colonel, on retiring, pleasantly observed, ‘When you beat my pitch, young gentlemen, I’ll try again.'”

Recollections and Private Memoirs of Washington By George Washington Parke Custis, Mary Randolph Custis Lee, Benson John Lossing

George Washington Parke Custis was Washington’s wife’s grandson (from her first marriage) whom they both ended up raising and adopting as their own son.


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