Twitter TJS Coupons and Free Shitajiki

I have been giving out coupons and deals through Twitter for the past few weeks now.  I really like it since it isn’t as intruding as email and I can send out as many coupons as I want without feeling like a spammer–I really hate spam!

The latest one seems to be popular: Spend over $6 and get a free shitajiki.

  1. Add the shitajiki to your cart:
  2. Then add $6 or more of anything else.

No coupon; no mess; just 100% pure fun!  But the fun ends some time tomorrow.

Anyway, I am posting this as a plea for more followers! Muwahahaha (sorry)

And I’m also posting this to let you know we will be posting an even better freebie later today on Twitter.


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