Get Genki Answer Key half off

We are running a promotion at where you can get the Genki Answer Key (has all the answers for both volumes of textbooks and workbooks) for half price with the purchase of ANY other Genki item.

The Genki series has got to be the most popular Japanese textbook series out there.  Textbooks seem to be like PCs and Macs–you either hate one and love the other or you love one and hate the other.  It is rare to find someone who likes both.  But I have yet to find someone who dislikes the Genki series.  Japanese for Busy People or Minna no Nihongo can bring out strong feelings on both sides of the fence, but everyone seems to love the Genki series.

If you are a beginner and are thinking about a textbook, checkout the Genki series.  Or if you need the workbook or CDs, pick up the Answer Key for half price!


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