Finish This by Clicking 'X'

click xMakoto, the three-year-old, was wanting to go to the supermarket (probably thinks he will get a toy Monster Truck).  I had a little bit of work to do on a spreadsheet and told him, “Let me finish up and then we will go.”

Makoto grabbed the mouse and replied, “Makoto finish up.  Click X!  Click X!”

I stopped him in time, but he knew just what to do to help me ‘finish up.’


One thought on “Finish This by Clicking 'X'

  1. Haha! So smart for his age, loool XD!! Kisses XxXxX (ah, by the way, long time no see :D! Sorry for that, but I always do one thousand things when I'm on my computer^^! See ya!)

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