Learning Patience with an iPhone App

Having spent months planning and producing our iPhone app, it is kind of hard not to take non-constructive negative reviews personally. I know it is stupid and unbecoming of me, but it’s hard. There have been a few two or three star reviews by people with constructive suggestions–I deeply appreciate that. (Although, admittedly, I prefer 4 or 5 star constructive suggestions)

I just spent $750 on an update which added three new categories to both the paid and free versions, fixed a few bugs, and added an option to choose which language to display first in the flashcard section.

This morning I noticed Version 1.2 had been approved by Apple!   Yippie!  The first reviewer found a rather glaring bug and was kind enough to let me know (three stars but totally warranted).  I immediately got the developer on it and within a few hours we had a corrected version.  (Apple will probably approve it sometime next week…)

Well, I updated the iTunes page with a notice about the bug and that it will be fixed as soon as Apple approves the app and I mentioned that the Paid version did NOT have the bug in question–which was true.

Here is the one-star review that got my yagi:

“The much dreaded ‘FREE’ version.  Also, LOVED the way you threw out the hooks, ‘paid version doesn’t have the crash bug so why not upgrade.’ something about that seems insanely crooked.  Way to be guy… Delete.”

First, I was only persuaded to do a free version on the condition it could stand on its own as a decent language learning app.  It isn’t crippled and has over 450 useful phrases with sound in dozens of categories.  There are comparable paid apps out there.

I have a feeling this guy didn’t even try it out.

Second, why shouldn’t I want people to upgrade?  Why is that a bad thing?  Not only do they get double the phrases, but also a $5 coupon (which is more than the price of the app) at our Japanese online bookstore.

I’ll feel better after the weekend…  Ugh!

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