Doggie Door Progress

Last week, I reported a friend had helped rescreen our back porch and install a doggie door.

doggie door

My friend called me the next day and asked if the dogs were using it.  I said, “Sure!  As long as I hold the flap up and push the dogs through!”

I’m happy to say Tevye (the boy dog) began going through it voluntarily a few days back and–miracles of miracles–Hana (the girl dog) started doing the same yesterday.

Redeeming iPhone App Promo Codes in iTunes

This may seem overtly obvious to 99.9999% of you out there, but a friend of mine who received a promotional code to try out our iPhone / iTouch app asked me how to use the coupon.  I had no idea.

After looking EVERYWHERE on the app page for a coupon code textbox, I went a-googlin’.

“use coupon iphone app”  Nothing…

“use promotional code itunes”  Nothing…

“redeem itunes code”  Bingo!

Apparently, the magic word is ‘redeem.’   You can redeem a code at the iTunes Store by following these instructions:

  1. Open iTunes.
  2. Click iTunes Store in the pane on the left-hand side of the window.
  3. Click the Redeem link in the QUICK LINKS box on the right-hand side of page.
  4. Enter your code.
  5. Click the Redeem button.

I really hope this saves someone the thirty minutes of Googlin’ it took me to figure it out.

Speaking of which, if you have a blog and would like to review our app, please email me (clay AT the Japan Shop dot c.o.m.). I don’t have many free codes left, but I’d love to get more exposure. 🙂

Joining Twitter and Being a Twit

Well, after a bit of arm-twisting by Harvey at, I joined Twitter.  I’m not sure how much I will twit, but it could be a fun way to connect with people about sales, new items, and about Japanese in general.

If you would like to follow me in my twittings, please find me here:

Also, you may want to follow Harvey too!  Oh, and I found Goddess Carlie there too! (her blog is all about Japanese dramas and fun stuff to aid in learning Japanese.)

Japanese Phrases iPhone App

This morning I found a blog review about our iPhone app.  He pitted our free app against a phrase app for $15.  Check it out.

iphone Japanese phrases appUpdate on our Ranking:
For a few precious moments, the freebie app was #2 in the Free Education section of iTunes.  For the past two or three weeks it has been steadily hoovering around #9-12.   The paid app has been hoovering around #49-52 in the paid Education ranking.

Thanks again for all of you who downloaded the apps and especially those who gave feedback.  We will release an update (hopefully this week?) that will add 50+ new phrases to both the Free and Paid app AND it will give the user a chance to choose to start the Flashcards on the English or Japanese side (user request).

I wanted to get this app’s engine cleaned up since it will be used as a base for a few future apps.  The next two apps will be similar to this one but for specific topics.  After that we have other plans… (more on that later)

Have an iPhone but haven’t downloaded it yet?!  Click here!

It only Took 1 Year and 363 Days…

There is a joke wives love to tell of their husbands.  They all tell it as if it only applies to their particular husband, but I’m here to tell you it is universal.

Oh, that “weekend” project took him all summer…

Oh, that easy-to-setup patio only took him five years to complete…

So you want to buy this ugly statue and you say you can make a fountain out of it in a few hours… Right…

A good Japanese word for today’s theme is 中途半端 chuutohanpa – halfway measures; unfinished; half-baked

Well, it only took me 1 year and 363 days to fix our screened porch.  Here is when we discovered a hole in the screen.  And yesterday (1 year, 363 days later), I finally fixed it with the help of a friend.  Not only that, but we added a doggie door to boot.

I’ll throw up (not literally) a picture of it later.  It looks pretty sharp–thanks Gary!

Now I still have that fire pit to make…

New $5 Download is (for now) $2.50!

101 Japanese idiomsWe just released a new $5 download: 101 Common Japanese Idioms

BUT for a limited time it is half off at only $2.50

This download covers extensively 101 of the most useful idioms in Japanese. Each idiom has an example sentence and plenty of explanation of usage and etymology.

Beginners can get a lot out of this product, but hiragana and very basic Japanese is recommended.

This pack includes 52 Megs of:

* An E-Book in Flash for interactive studying and listening
* A 52 Page PDF (for printing)
* Folders with individual MP3 files for each phrase AND for each example sentence in Japanese
* A folder with 101 MP3s for studying: Hear the Japanese phrase, a pause for repetition, the English meaning, the Japanese example sentence, a pause, and the English meaning. (Drop this into your MP3 player for on-the-go studying)
* Works with PCs or Macs

This will be released as an iPhone/iTouch app within a month (we hope!).  If you have an iPhone or iTouch and purchase this download now, please email me (clay AT theJapanShop dotto com) to receive a free coupon for iTunes as soon as it is released.

Here is a screenshot of the Flash file (please see product page for more images and a few sample MP3s)

101 flash