's $5 Download Collection on CD Vol. 1: READERS & LESSONS

This is our first physical ‘product’ since we stopped making/selling T-shirts years ago!

Japanese Lessons on CD

We are excited to announce this collection of twelve popular Japanese Lessons & Readers on CD.   Sold separately, these 12 downloads would cost $60. This CD which also includes almost 100 megs of bonus material, is half that. In addition, the shipping is on us!

World-wide shipping is FREE

What’s included:

READERS – Short story e-books for beginners to intermediates
– Ikkyuu-san – A wise priest and a tiger BEGINNER+
– Inch-high Samurai – A tiny warrior with a brave heart BEGINNER+
– Mouse Bride – Parents hunt for a husband for their daughter BEGINNER+
– The Cut-Tongue Sparrow – A kind man, mean wife, and a bird BEGINNER+
– The Restaurant with Many Orders – Miyazawa Kenji INTERMEDIATES+
– The Tortoise and the Hare – The famous story in Japanese BEGINNER+

VOCABULARY – Lessons focusing on vocabulary building
– Beginners Vocabulary – 500+ words and phrases BEGINNER+
– JLPT 4 Vocabulary A – Half of the vocabulary needed for level 4 BEGINNER+
– JLPT 4 Vocabulary B – The other half for level 4 BEGINNER+

– Hiragana & Katakana lessons – Learn hiragana quickly BEGINNER+
– Using the phone with Japanese – UPPER BEGINNER+
– Japanese proverbs – 25 useful kotowaza UPPER BEGINNER+

BONUS – Contains various lessons, readers, and flash files

Works on PCs or Macs –
<click here to Learn More…

PLEASE NOTE: If you have purchased 4 or more of the $5 downloads and would like the CD, please
contact us for a discount.


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