Brand New iPhone Application Launched!

We are venturing in new areas!  After months of waiting (the app was actually done three months ago), Apple accepted our contract and application and our first iPhone app has been selling since Friday.

iPhone Japanese app image

I just happened to check the iPhone developer page last night and saw it was live.  I checked, and sure enough, searching for ‘Japanese Phrases’ pulls it up.  (currently in #1 spot for ‘Japanese Phrases’ & for ‘Japanese’ too!)

Looking at the reviews, we are flabbergasted.  They are awesome!  Here are a few excerpts:

“All I can say is WOW! I’ve used different language apps as far as Korean, French, and Japanese and this app by FAR is the best for what it’s made for. Built in study cards/flash, tests, great quality voice to hear pronunciations…”

“This application is the bomb” (apparently this is a good thing since the rest of his review is positive and he gave it a five star rating. :)

“This is the best language program by far. I can’t believe this version is even free. Thank you for your generosity and passion about the language.”

“I really like this app! It has many of the basic stuff and more advanced as well. The pronunciation is dead on and very easy to understand. Will definitely buy the full version. Great job developers :) Bai Bai!!!”

If you have an iPhone, please download the free version (for free of course!) and let me know what you think.  Of course any ideas for improvements and error spotting would be great.

Here is the link for the Free Application (opens iTunes)

The $3.99 Paid Version doubles the phrases and includes a $5 coupon good at  Yep, for now at least, the coupon amount is a dollar and a penny more than the actual cost. 🙂

Anyway, we are excited here.  So far the comments have been encouraging.


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