's $5 Download Collection on CD Vol. 1: READERS & LESSONS

This is our first physical ‘product’ since we stopped making/selling T-shirts years ago!

Japanese Lessons on CD

We are excited to announce this collection of twelve popular Japanese Lessons & Readers on CD.   Sold separately, these 12 downloads would cost $60. This CD which also includes almost 100 megs of bonus material, is half that. In addition, the shipping is on us!

World-wide shipping is FREE

What’s included:

READERS – Short story e-books for beginners to intermediates
– Ikkyuu-san – A wise priest and a tiger BEGINNER+
– Inch-high Samurai – A tiny warrior with a brave heart BEGINNER+
– Mouse Bride – Parents hunt for a husband for their daughter BEGINNER+
– The Cut-Tongue Sparrow – A kind man, mean wife, and a bird BEGINNER+
– The Restaurant with Many Orders – Miyazawa Kenji INTERMEDIATES+
– The Tortoise and the Hare – The famous story in Japanese BEGINNER+

VOCABULARY – Lessons focusing on vocabulary building
– Beginners Vocabulary – 500+ words and phrases BEGINNER+
– JLPT 4 Vocabulary A – Half of the vocabulary needed for level 4 BEGINNER+
– JLPT 4 Vocabulary B – The other half for level 4 BEGINNER+

– Hiragana & Katakana lessons – Learn hiragana quickly BEGINNER+
– Using the phone with Japanese – UPPER BEGINNER+
– Japanese proverbs – 25 useful kotowaza UPPER BEGINNER+

BONUS – Contains various lessons, readers, and flash files

Works on PCs or Macs –
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PLEASE NOTE: If you have purchased 4 or more of the $5 downloads and would like the CD, please
contact us for a discount.

Snail Mail is Befitting

Wow.  This morning, I read about a letter that took 22 years to arrive.  I’m afraid she will be late for her nephew’s graduation, but at least it arrived.

This is especially important to me because our business is all about shipping books to customers as quickly as possible.  Occasionally we get emails from customers inquiring about their order.  This is almost always concerning international orders and 99% of the time the fault is the Customs in the target country and not the Post Office.

I don’t think we have ever really had a totally lost package.

We have had a few happenings, though.  One time we sent a large box by Express Mail (EMS) to Japan.  EMS should arrive in 3-5 days.  A month later we got word it was in Mexico.  Go figure.  It took its time to make its way back to us in Florida, but it did come back.

I just hope the box we sent wasn’t for a graduation gift.

Did You Get Your NID Notification?

I just got an email in from the:


It seems such things as email based scams are going on.  I hadn’t heard of that–I mean I get a ton of requests from African Princes and Heads of States asking for bank transfers or the occasional dying person wishing to wire me $5,000,000.00 USD to donate to charity, but these are all perfectly legit, surely.  Surprisingly–according to this bulletin–there were at least two (2) people scammed last year (perhaps a few more!).  If you happen to be one of them, the NIGERIA INVESTIGATION DEPARTTMENT (NID) is paying out $5,000,000 USD to you!

Here is the good news:

The Nigeria Investigation Department of the African Security & Defence Council (ASDC) and African Union Financial Commission (AUFC), International Monetary Funds (IMF) including the UNITED NATIONS Body,Held a meeting on 1st of January 2009, at Gariki Abuja Nigeria, and it was on issue of the money lost by various individuals to the scams artists operating all over the world today. In other to compensate victims,the AFRICAN UNION FINANCIAL COMMISSION AND UNITED NATIONS Body is now paying 1000 Scam victims $5,000,000.00 USD each

That is just super kind of them, wouldn’t you say?  And to think I had never heard of the NID before today.

おおきに! Ta!

We are watching a movie on TV Japan.  It has very good subtitles–obviously done by a professional, but for some reason every time someone says, 「おおきに」 (thank you) it just says “Ta.”  It has kind of bugged us since they say 「おおきに」 quite a lot.

We can’t figure out what “Ta.” is supposed to be.  That is a capital ‘T,’ a lower case ‘a,’ and a period.

Like I said, other than that, the subtitles are excellent.

Anyone have an idea what ‘Ta.’ could mean?

Now at #4!

In the US iTunes store, our Freebie app is #4 in Education.  🙂

We got our first two star rating which brought our average down a bit in the US iTunes.

I also discovered one guy in Australia gave every single free app related to learning Japanese (not just ours) a one star with no comment.  I don’t know what his problem was, but a friend in Australia kindly reported it. I doubt Apple will do anything, but it sounds like someone just hates anything to do with Japanese. 😦

I’ve never rated books or things I didn’t like with one star without a good reason, but now that I’m in the hot seat, I am especially cautious to speak bad of anyone’s effort.  I am getting some good feedback, though.  The funny thing is, usually the constructive critisisms come from people who rate it 5 stars!

iPhone App now #5!

The Freebie version of the Japanese Beginner Phrases iPhone App is now #5 in the Education category (US).

Last night it was at #8.  It is really nice to see it go even higher!

A BIG thank you to all of you who downloaded it–and especially those who wrote reviews.  You don’t know how many times a day we check the reviews to see if there is anything new.  🙂

Click here for direct links to iTunes.