Jack Bauer is Back!

I don’t watch a lot of live TV now that I have a DVR. I just set it to record various programs on the History Channel, and just to spice things up, the History Channel International too.

I rarely ‘channel surf.’

But last night I was channel surfing and happened to notice ’24’ was about to air on a Fox station.

I knew it had to be one I’ve seen since I’ve seen them all and of course the new season doesn’t start until January of ’09–wait a sec. It is January of ’09!

Excitedly, my thumb–shaking because of the magnitude of my discovery–fumbled around until I found the record button on the remote. The NEW 24 episode was about to come on and it will be recorded!

Well, it was awesome as always. Doubly so because it was a two hour premiere. Or make that doubly times two because another two hours will show tonight!

Unfortunately, Edgar still seems to be dead. (Hat tip to Mr. Dave Barry)


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