The Ultimate IME Guide (Nothing Penultimate About it)

Kurious over at the forums posted this everything-including-the-kitchen-sink post about using the Japanese IME on a Windows computer.

The title is “The Penultimate Japanese IME Guide… well, almost. :)”

But he was just being a little humble.  I also added it to the WagaWiki for easier access.


The other day, Makoto ran in between Yumi and I and screamed, 「じゃま!じゃま!」.

I’m sure he picked that up from Yumi. When she is working, washing dishes, or folding clothes, Makoto likes to ‘help.’ Yumi then says, 「じゃま!」

邪魔 【じゃま】 means ‘hindrance’ or ‘intrusion’ or ‘thing in the way.’

So when Makoto ran between us and shouted 「じゃま!じゃま!」 he was simply being honest.

In other news, Megumi is rolling over.

New Freebie and New $5 Download

First the freebie.

Years ago we produced a Hiragana learning pack.  It included a hiragana flashcards PDF that could be printed. I had a request for Katakana flashcards using the same format.

Here it is.

And for the Not Freebie…

(Drum roll please)

We just uploaded a new $5 download. It is a reader for upper beginners called Ikkyuu-san and the Tiger.

Ikyuu-san is a famous legend of a priest who is very wise. A shogun wants to test Ikyuu-san by asking him to catch a tiger in a picture. How does Ikyuu-san tell the shogun that is impossible without insulting him? Beginners can get a lot out of this product, but hiragana and very basic Japanese is required.

It includes:

  • An E-Book in Flash for interactive reading and listening
  • A 9 Page PDF (for printing)
  • A slow MP3 recording of the story
  • A normal speed MP3 recording
  • And as a special Flash bonus on common household vocabulary–click on any word to hear it

And here is a screenshot of the Flash program:


Please check out the product page for more screen shots and information.

Jack Bauer is Back!

I don’t watch a lot of live TV now that I have a DVR. I just set it to record various programs on the History Channel, and just to spice things up, the History Channel International too.

I rarely ‘channel surf.’

But last night I was channel surfing and happened to notice ’24’ was about to air on a Fox station.

I knew it had to be one I’ve seen since I’ve seen them all and of course the new season doesn’t start until January of ’09–wait a sec. It is January of ’09!

Excitedly, my thumb–shaking because of the magnitude of my discovery–fumbled around until I found the record button on the remote. The NEW 24 episode was about to come on and it will be recorded!

Well, it was awesome as always. Doubly so because it was a two hour premiere. Or make that doubly times two because another two hours will show tonight!

Unfortunately, Edgar still seems to be dead. (Hat tip to Mr. Dave Barry)

A Great Shock & Japanese Magazines Half Off

Makoto is allow to watch a little bit of Noggin (his favorite channel–shows pre-school level shows like Max and Ruby, a particular favorite) each morning after breakfast while I check email.

After finishing email this morning, I noticed the Noggin show had a black warning stripe at the bottom of the screen reminiscent of a tornado warning.

The weather being nice, I decided to actually read what it said.

The non-tornado tornado warning stripe said this:

Alert! Alert! Alert! Attention TWC and Bright House Network customers. Starting tonight, you will lose this channel and 18 others from your TV including Nickelodeon, Noggin, MTV, VH1, Spike, Comedy Central, and TV Land. Don’t miss out on your favorite shows. You can stop this! TWC customers call 1-800-762-3786, Bright House customers call 1-866-309-3279 and DEMAND THEY KEEP THESE CHANNELS! Must be 18 years or older to call.

(Text swiped from here (I hope you don’t mind!))

Naturally I panicked. I mean, I could care less about MTV, VH1, Spike, or Comedy Central–in fact I would pay not to get those channels–but to not have Noggin, well, that would just take away every bit of leverage we have over Makoto! That would not be good.

While I was fumbling to call the phone number, which was scrolling faster than my fingers could type, Yumi walked in and said, “You know that is a recorded episode.” Makoto was blissfully watching a show that was on weeks ago. The problem with Comcast and Noggin had already been resolved.

Point two. We put most of our Japanese magazines on clearance sale–Half off–for Super Suiyoubi sale yesterday.

We had a tremendous response last night. It probably depleted half of our magazine stock. But we still have too many left, especially Orange Page. If you like cooking, please, please, please take a look at our Orange Page back issues.

Pam, who is in charge of shipping, would like to see the sale go on a little longer. So we will probably keep it going until tomorrow.

Added Updated $5 Downloads Page

5dollarWe had a $5 Download Page here at 1Nichi1Kai, but it was downright ugly and it was missing a few of the newer downloads. Well, I’ve worked on it all day (yes, it was that much work) and I’m pleased to say I think I got it alright this time.

If you are looking for some cheap (only $5!) downloadable Japanese language lessons and readers, please take a look. Each one has MP3s, Printable PDFs, and a Flash file for interactive learning.

Go to 1Nichi1Kai’s $5 Download Page