I'd Rather have a Dango, Please

花より団子 hana yori dango is a fairly common Japanese proverb which means ‘to care for function over aesthetics.’

After using this proverb online in the past, I have been corrected by people who are just starting out in the language but have great experience with Japanese TV dramas.  There is a drama with a name based on a variation of this proverb.  I have not seen this drama, but it sounds interesting.  Anyone know the name?


hana yori dango
Dumplings rather than flowers

A 団子 dango is a sweet type of Japanese ‘dumpling.’ Not particularly pretty, but delicious.  Flowers (花) on the other hand usually don’t taste too good but they sure are puurty.

Some prefer the beautiful over the practical, but men rarely do.  I mean, the only thing stopping me from wearing my underwear twice is my wife!*

*You of course know I’m just kidding, right?


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