More Tips on Japanese Google Searches

In response to this post: Quick Google Japanese Tip, a friend sent me this:

maybe these could help to use the Jp language setting for a search and then switch back to English
you could script a button or checkbox for your preferred language

Sounds like creating a macro would be a good way to get Google to behave better if you do a lot of Japanese only searches.

2008 紅白 Update: The Boom!

With live feeds in Brazil, 宮沢和史 Miyazawa Kazufumi (the lead singer in The Boom) played 島歌.  It was very good, but I am sure because of time restraints, the song just seemed to fall a little short.

And now 世界のナベアツ is announcing the next singers.  He is a comedian whose claim to fame is pronouncing ‘san’ (three) in a strange way.  Still, he is loveable enough.

Tomorrow's 紅白 Report

Every year NHK (the national TV network) broadcasts one of the (if not the) most popular programs all year–the 紅白 kouhaku.  This annual New Year’s Eve event pits female musicians against those of the male variety.  One team is red (紅) and the other white (白) hence the name.

Admittedly, I know very little about popular music today in Japan.  So I’m going to make a point of learning as I watch 紅白 tomorrow.

I am excited to see The Boom (ザ・ブーム) is playing 島歌 shima uta (not to be confused with シマウマ (親父ギャグ (笑))).  The Boom is a group that mixes Okinawan and Brazilian sounds.  Some of their earlier work is simply amazing.  I think 島歌 shima uta is my favorite of their recordings–and it probably is their most famous song.

You can see the lineup of artists here.

I’m thinking I will start a thread at TJP dedicated to ‘blogging’ about the program while it is taking place. If you are able to watch 紅白, please stop by TJP and let us know what you think of Ayu’s dress or–if you want to be particularly cruel–her singing style.

* Turns out TV Japan (how I can watch the show in Florida) isn’t real-time… I’ll be an hour behind so scratch that idea. 🙂

Cheap Animated Backgrounds

Digital Juice is a company that specializes in producing high-quality, but affordable royalty-free media for video editors.

With everything seemingly pushing toward HD, Digital Juice is retiring their SD Jump Backs.  The Digital Juice Jump Backs are super useful for creating an instant backdrop for any video.  I use them often behind text.  It just looks a gizzilian times better than a static backdrop.

They have each sold for $49.95 or even more, but the clearance sale has them down to $3.95-$9.95.  If you do any home or Youtube videos, check out what they have before it is gone.