The Oxford English Dictionary on Sale

I got an advertisement from Oxford University Press with a special sale on the OED.  The Oxford English Dictionary is, well, the mother-of-all-dictionaries. is celebrating the 80th anniversary of the dictionary’s completion. It was started in 1857 and the original 10 volumes was completed in 1928.  It has since grown to 20 volumes and is widely considered the most authoritative voice on word definitions and etymology.

Well, the advert had it on sale for $895 and the first 100 people to respond would get a 6-month subscription to the OED online.

This was a good deal, I thought, until I saw on Amazon it was even cheaper. I don’t think you get the 6 month subscription, but, hey, you have the books! The Oxford English Dictionary (20 Volume Set)

There is also a CD version, but some of the reviews I’ve read aren’t too favorable.

It would be nice to have it as a stand alone electronic dictionary. The Oxford Dictionary of English (also excellent, but a different beast in itself), is installed in the Casio XD-GP9700 and a few other models, but so far no one that I know of has the OED. One day there will be a perfect electronic dictionary.


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