Podcasts and iTunes

I mentioned a few months back that I was experimenting with podcasting and iTunes. Well, we just uploaded #8 and have up to #12 in the can waiting for Clay to add to the site and update the XML file.

The other day I went to the podcast’s home in iTunes (Clicking here will open iTunes and go there) and discovered a comment.  Whohoo!  Our first comment.  The commenter had mixed feelings about it because he saw it as more of an advertisement for the site due to the small number of podcasts.

Well, I absolutely admit it is an advertisement for TheJapanesePage.com 🙂  I’m not above that.  But I thought we had seven podcasts which isn’t a bad start.  I hadn’t done one in two months because of the move from Japan to Florida, but I had been fairly consistent in getting one or two up a month before then.

Turns out I added the podcasts to TJP, but forgot to update the XML file which tells iTunes when a new podcast is there.  Oops.  I have fixed that and added another podcast with up to #12 coming soon.

If you are on iTunes, I would love to hear more comments–good or bad.  Here is the iTunes link again.


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