New $5 Download Released Today

This time it is for beginners. Our most recent readers have been really for Intermediates and somewhat for upper beginners, but today’s release is made specifically for beginners. The classic tale of the Tortoise and the Hare in Japanese!

This pack includes:

  • An E-Book in Flash for interactive reading and listening (listen to the entire page fast or slow or click on individual sentences to hear just that)
  • A 7 Page PDF (for printing)
  • A full normal speed MP3 recording by a professional native Japanese speaker (for use with an iPod or to burn to a CD)
  • A full slow speed MP3 recording by a professional native Japanese speaker (for use with an iPod or to burn to a CD)
  • Works with PCs or Macs (PDF, Flash, and MP3)
  • BONUS: We are also including a kanji study list with the 80 most useful kanji

For more information and screenshots, please click here.

Also, we have a sale going on through tomorrow (Cyber Monday)–everything at the store is 5% off AND every order shipped from Florida (a few books, electronic dictionaries, DS games, and downloads are not shipped from Florida) will receive a FREE Manga Guide to Sudoku book.  See The Japan Shop for details.

Mickey Mouse on the Highways

Last Friday, we went to Disney World for a convention on foreign language instruction. The convention was in a hotel within Disney World limits, but we didn’t actually get to see Disney or the real Mickey Mouse.

Still, Makoto saw plenty of Mickey Mouse signage and shrubbery art. On the way home, leaving Orlando, Makoto suddenly yelled out, “Mickey Mouse!!” We were surprised to see a peculiar oversized truck carrying some farm equipment that just happened to look like… the Mouse.

Well, we thought it did after Makoto mentioned that. I’ll let you decide:

If I don’t see you before then, ‘Happy Thanksgiving!’

To the Zoo, to the Mouse, and to the Birthday Boy

We went to the zoo today. Makoto (the soon-to-be three year old) had a blast and Megumi (the already four month old) enjoyed the scenery from her stroller when the sun wasn’t in her eyes.

Friday, we went to Disney World for a foreign language teaching expo. It was very nice, but with that major trip and today’s 1.5 hour trip (one way), we are tripped out. I do have a picture on my phone I must post… (developing)

Makoto is about to turn three. His birthday is December first and we are planning (that is, my sister is planning) a huge birthday bash. Makoto talked about a birthday cake (Diego themed, of course) and sang The Happy Birthday Song on multiple occasions today.

Here is the video I took from Makoto’s 2nd birthday cake and party:

Beyond Polite Japanese 47% OFF

Every Wednesday we discount a book as low as it can go for 24 hours or so. Today’s Super Suiyoubi deal is Beyond Polite Japanese.

I think any student of Japanese should get this book at some point–not recommended for beginners, though; even Picasso learned the rules before he broke them.

This book has fun words like 義理チョコ (chocolate given out of a sense of duty or obligation on Valentine’s Day) and 社会の窓 (One’s fly; barn door) as in

shakai no mado ga aite pantsu ga marumie da ze.
Barn door’s wide open and you can see his shorts.

I had never heard the second example, but I will be sure to watch for chances to use it. This book is full of similar fun words.

Anyway, the cover price is $17; Amazon sells it for $12.75; we are selling it today (only) for $9.  That is 47% off.  Cheap at The Japan Shop.

Free Japanese Related Downloads at TJP

I was looking at the stats for the download section and was amazed to see how many people have downloaded files.

The average file rating is 4.042 out of 5 stars
There are 47 files in the database
There has been a total of 57,555 downloads
The newest file is Japanese Beginner Phrases Podcast 9
The highest rated file is Chapter 5 with a rating of 5 out of 5 stars
The lowest rated file is Listening Practice #2: Golden Week with a rating of 2 out of 5 stars
The most downloaded file is Grammar PDF: Hou ga ii with 4,339 downloads
The least downloaded file is Japanese Beginner Phrases Podcast 9 with 12 downloads
The average number of downloads each file has is 1,224.574

Note: The links above are direct links, but it is ‘prettier’ to find them through the main download page: HERE

We have 47 files for download. Many of these are ebooks with audio, but there are a few PDF lessons and other miscellaneous items.

The Oxford English Dictionary on Sale

I got an advertisement from Oxford University Press with a special sale on the OED.  The Oxford English Dictionary is, well, the mother-of-all-dictionaries. is celebrating the 80th anniversary of the dictionary’s completion. It was started in 1857 and the original 10 volumes was completed in 1928.  It has since grown to 20 volumes and is widely considered the most authoritative voice on word definitions and etymology.

Well, the advert had it on sale for $895 and the first 100 people to respond would get a 6-month subscription to the OED online.

This was a good deal, I thought, until I saw on Amazon it was even cheaper. I don’t think you get the 6 month subscription, but, hey, you have the books! The Oxford English Dictionary (20 Volume Set)

There is also a CD version, but some of the reviews I’ve read aren’t too favorable.

It would be nice to have it as a stand alone electronic dictionary. The Oxford Dictionary of English (also excellent, but a different beast in itself), is installed in the Casio XD-GP9700 and a few other models, but so far no one that I know of has the OED. One day there will be a perfect electronic dictionary.