Dora Mitai!

Makoto awoke around 5 this morning crying out, 「見たい!見たい!」 “I want to see!  I want to see!”.  At first I thought he was saying, 「いたい!」  “It hurts!,” but as the crying subsided it was clearly, 「見たい!」.  After a few sobs he said, “Dora” and then “Diego.”

Makoto has really enjoyed Dora (the Explorer) and Diego (the ???) since coming back to the States.  But we make him do his studies in the morning before he can watch TV.  His studies involve reciting the letters off his blocks–or as he likes to call them, his trucks–and finding the letters of his name, mixed with selected readings of the Aeneid.*

He finished his studies this morning, but seems to have forgotten about Dora (as of this writing, 6:04 AM).

This reminds me of the age before the DVR.  As a child, I would set my alarm to 5:44 AM every morning to catch the Three Stooges every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and the Little Rascals on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  (I soon dropped the Rascals in favor of the more grownup show and a bit more sleep twice a week.) I had exactly one minute to jump out of bed, grab a glass of OJ and warm up the TV in time for the big, fifteen minute event.

Back then we only had three channels.  PBS was useless (except Doctor Who on the weekend of course) and ABC was fuzzy.  No Dora, but at least NBC had the Three Stooges.

* Just kidding.  We are saving Virgil for when he turns three.


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