Mitai ~ nai -> I Don't want to See

Last night, Yumi, for the first time in days, turned on the TV for some adult programming (the News).  She was amazed to hear Makoto say, 「みたい」 (mitai I want to see).

But I, ever the vigilant papa, noticed a prominent scowlplay_w2(“S0162900”) crumpled Makoto’s face while mommy cheered.  He wasn’t just saying 「みたい」 but 「ない」 too.  Makoto was negating a sentence on the fly!

We corrected him: みたくない mitakunai I don’t want to see.

みたい mitai I want to see.
みたくない mitakunai I don’t want to see.

Brian Franklin and the Shakuhachi

I’ve been working with Brian Franklin for the past few weeks on creating an article for and listing his new CD at

The 尺八 shakuhachi is a Japanese bamboo flute often heard at festivals and recently on TV and film–The Last Samurai, for example.

His article finally went live a few minutes ago here.  And I listed his brand new CD earlier today here.  So I feel pretty good about a days worth of work.  🙂

If you are at all interested in Japanese traditional music, please checkout both the article and the CD.  Brian does much to introduce the instrument to his Western audience.  If you like his work, please consider supporting him by buying his CD or giving him a holler at his website.

This Morning in the Car

Makoto, Megumi, and I were waiting for mommy in the car this morning.  We waited and waited and waited more.  She had to fold laundry or… so she says.

She entered the car saying, 「ごめん!遅くなった。」

Makoto, parroting her almost successfully, said, 「ごめん!遊んだ。」

It was right out of the pages of Crayon Shinchan.  Mommy was not too happy about being accused of playing around when she (probably) did have work to do.

Let’s break it down:

Mommy: 「ごめん!遅くなった。」
gomen! osokunatta.
Sorry!  I’m late.

gomen! asonda.
Sorry! I was playing.

I should say, ごめん!遅くなった。  I have been so busy with family and the new upgrades (and subsequent problems).  I’ll try to post here more regularly from now on.  We are pretty much settled back into the swing of things.

New TJP launched, but…

There is a performance issue. This means, the site is running a heavy load all too often. It is the same server as before but with different software and databases.

We think it has something to do with the new forum. The techs will work on optimizing the forum database and we’ll see…

Other than that and a few other small glitches, it looks pretty good. I’ll wait until we figure out the performance issue before making a formal announcement. 🙂

In the mean-time, check out the new (possibly slow) site:

TJP Pending Upgrade

I’m sitting here biding my time and biting my nails waiting for the two developers to fill me in what’s happening. They are working hard at backing up, converting, and then restoring user data, blog data, group data, and forum data. This is a huge and complicated job, but it looks like it will be done tonight! We should have a brand new very soon!

More to come…