Leaving for the US: Best Baby Part II?

Makoto as a baby was so quiet we were worried*; we had heard the rumor babies were supposed to cry after all.

When he was about a month old, Yumi placed him on a pillow, she turned around, he rolled off, and all he said was a light, “aau.” (that’s a lowercase ‘aau’)  She was so amazed to hear him say anything.

On the airplane going back to the US, the 3-4 month old Makoto was extremely easy to handle.  He made not a peep.  After landing in Dallas (I think), the stewardess saw me holding Makoto in front of the ladies room (where baba and Yumi were visiting), and said, “The best baby!”

This time around, we do have a crying baby.  She cries when she poops; she cries when she is sleeply; she cries when she is hungry.  She seems to substantiate the rumors we previously heard about crying babies.  Will we get a ‘Best Baby’ compliment this time around?

We leave in the morning (Monday).  We will catch a train to Nagoya–a plane to Tokyo–and then spend the night in a hotel.  The next morning (Tuesday) we leave Narita Airport for Dallas and then finally Jacksonville.  I’ll write back here after we land.

* I expressed my concern to all my friends.  Finally, one friend just said, “Isn’t that a good thing?”


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