Free Software from Casio for the XD-GP9700

Casio XD-GP9700Actually it is for any model in the GP or SP series and it is good until January 14th, 2009.

1) Register your dictionary here.
You have to enter the serial number on the back of the dictionary, your email, a password, and whether you want emails from Casio. Optional are your prefecture, Male or Female, Age, and type work.

2) Then go here and click on Download at the bottom

3) Enter your email and password from #1 above

4) Download the three files (click on 上記に同意する)

To install the software on your computer, you need to have the Library Loader (and you may want to get the Text Loader while you are at it so you can drop text files into the Casio). Download for Vista here and for XP, I can’t find a direct link, but I believe it is written in the manual (don’t have one here). (That being said, the download for the Vista Library Loader says it is for XP too… Maybe the Vista link will work for XP)

* If you use Firefox, hitting ‘open’ from the download box will result in an error. You have to right click and choose ‘Open Containing Folder’ and install from there.

NOTE: For instructions on installing the installer, please see here. The one big thing that you really should do is change the non-Unicode language to Japanese at least temporarily (see the link) – I didn’t do it on this laptop and the install failed… I’ll try again once I’m back in the States next week and have a real computer.  🙂

It looks like you can install the software on a mini SD card, but I don’t have one to test.


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