Makoto – on Sumo and the Withholding of Apple Juice

Makoto has found a favorite sport–sumo.

He loves it when I squat, put one fist to the mat, and then suddenly stand erect while slapping my belly.  He laughs and laughs and laughs.

About the third time around I do a two-fisted ground touch and then rush to grab Makoto who squeals with joy at being held mid-air while driven out of the ‘ring.’  (押し出し?)

We also discovered Makoto can survive without Apple Juice–his favorite drink.  We were honestly out of Apple Juice all day yesterday; after a brave show of defiance that lasted several hours, Makoto eventually drank his ocha.

This morning (with Apple Juice in the refrigerator), he demanded Apple Juice.  It wasn’t easy, but we brokered a deal with him. Basically if he first goes pee-pee, he can have a cup of Apple Juice.  If he doesn’t go pee-pee, he has to drink ocha.

It worked marvelously.  An update to follow…


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