On Sweet Coffee

This morning while rummaging through the refrigerator looking for some drink to drink, I saw the only ice coffee left was the non-black variety–only sweet coffee.

I haven’t had sweet coffee in years so I thought I’d give it a try.  It’s ok, but I wouldn’t intentionally drink it if given a choice.  Once you add milk or sugar, it can no longer be classified as Coffeeius Oishiius, but as Coffeeius Mazuius.  Maybe it is just me though.

I remember following my father around as a small child.  Wherever he went he would invariably drink coffee and the coffee he drank was black. I did the same thing, often passing up perfectly good Hot Coco.  My grandmother, conversely,  drank the light-brown coffee type, but dad’s was always black.

There seemed to be two diametrically opposing factions; I had to choose sides.

I of course choose the Black group–ブラック団

This could be because my grandmother rarely drank coffee but my father had it every day.  I suppose my impressionable mind fell victim to repeated familiarity:  (Dad) Black, Black, Black, Black (Grandmother) Light-Brown (Dad again) Black, Black, Black, Black [pattern repeats]

I finished my ‘coffee’ just now but the sweet candy taste lingers.  I will need to brew some hot coffee to get rid of the aftertaste; It will of course be Black.


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